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Website Name
Adventures in Odyssey Wiki
Date Founded
April 25, 2007
Founder/Main People

The Adventures in Odyssey Wiki (commonly shortened to AIOWiki) is an Adventures in Odyssey fansite completely built around visitor submissions. You're reading it right now!

The mission of the site is to provide a complete unoffical Adventures in Odyssey resource that is organized, easily accessible, and free for all to contribute. Currently AIOWiki has 9,294 articles with content, and 298,272 edits. For more info on contributing to this project, visit the welcome page, and Help:Editing.


The Adventures in Odyssey Wiki was created by Corey van der Laan—going by the name of Shadowpaw—and went live on April 25th, 2007. Prior to creating the wiki, Shadowpaw maintained a separate website called The Soda Fountain which included information about Adventures in Odyssey, including albums, episodes, cast, crew, and other unique features.

When the wiki was first launched, Shadowpaw posted the following message:

An often requested feature of The Soda Fountain has been to create a completely user-run wiki for the series. That request has not been ignored and I am happy to present a wiki playground for all those enthusiasts who wish to contribute to this massive undertaking. There is not much available at the present time, but I've created the foundation for anyone who wishes to contribute to the site and everyone is welcome to help pitch in with adding content. The site will evolve over time and it will likely be quite some time before this project is complete, but for those who have always wanted an AIO Wiki... that time has come!


Shadowpaw created the wiki as a community project to which anyone could contribute. As such, most of the work building out the site was completed by the Odyssey online community while Shadowpaw continued to focus on The Soda Fountain.

The 139th Official Podcast featured interviews with AIOWiki founder Corey van der Laan and AIOWiki webmaster Mark Redekop.


  • There are currently 9,294 articles on AIOWiki.
  • Users have contributed 298,272 edits.
  • There are an average of 48 edits per day.

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