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Lucia Ortega
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Lucia Ortega is the grandmother in the Parker family. She first appeared in #662: “Grandma's Visit” and continues to make appearances in the series.


Lucia is a very caring grandmother and cares deeply about her family with a tendency to adore her grandchildren, the Parker kids in particular. She is very passionate about Mexican culture and likes to teach her grandchildren about their heritage. She has a tendency to be sentimental as mentioned that she kept Eva and Rosalita's baby teeth and especially loves the fact that granddaughter Olivia Parker takes up the guitar as her grandfather did before her. As mentioned by Eva she may have a tendency to be a clean freak as Eva felt she needed to reorganize her entire house when she first visited. While she isn't spending time with her family she makes a living with her new Lucia's Haircuts on Wheels business and is extremely good at genuine Mexican cooking.


Lucia grew up in Mexico with her friend Esperanza. During that time she met a troublesome boy named Juan Reyes who often pulled pranks on the girls. Despite her belief that Juan was a lost cause Esperanza was adamant in showing kindness towards Juan. Her devotion was so great that Esperanza would die trying to retrieve Juan's shoes from a tree over a ravine when the branch broke. Esperanza's sacrifice would inspire Lucia to continue her legacy of kindness by showing kindness to Juan, an action that would change Juan years later.

Sometime between the flashback in #698: “Never for Nothing” and her debut in #662: “Grandma's Visit” her exact history is a little vague. What is known is that she moved to Texas, got married, had a family, and started a hair salon. While she and Eva mention her husband he is never mentioned by name. It is also never mentioned how many children or other relatives she has, though relatives Javier and Maria are mentioned, it is unknown how they are related to Lucia. What is known is that her two named daughters are Eva and Rosalita.

Leading up to the events of #662: “Grandma's Visit”, Lucia has to help Rosalita deal with the backlash of trying to arrange a wedding with fiance Rodrigo while ex-fiance Orlando attempts to win her heart back. Upon arrival to Odyssey for a visit, she informs the Parker family they are to be hosts of Rosalita's wedding and family reunion. Leading up to the wedding she essentially oversees all arrangements being made for the wedding. However, on the wedding day, she receives a call from Rosalita informing her that she had in fact eloped with Orlando the night before after he'd convinced her of his love. After being rebuked by daughter Eva for thinking more about Rosalita then Eva's family, the two make up and after celebrating a fiesta she stays on for a few more weeks to spend time with her grandchildren.

Over her next four appearances, she witnesses her granddaughter Olivia Parker play a ballad in honor of her birthday, visits again to spend Christmas with the Parkers, successfully opens a hair salon business in Odyssey, and makes a permanent move to Odyssey. While her granddaughter Olivia is helping her move into her Odyssey home she tells of the story of her friendship with Esperanza. It is during that story that Olivia realizes that her brother Matthew is in a similar situation with Jay Smouse. Little do the two realize that Matthew is, in fact, visiting a Half Way House run by none other than Juan Reyes. It is unknown if Lucia and Juan will run into each other in the future despite being miles from each other.

In In a Sun-Scorched Land, Matthew mentions that she has cancer. The doctors said that it is treatable. Her surgeon was Joseph Calhoun.


Lucia is Eva and Rosalita's mother; as such, she is Camilla, Matthew, and Olivia's grandmother. Her late husband remains unnamed. She doesn't have a little sister.


Esperanza: My Papa says we must always show love. No matter what. It does good.
Lucia Ortega: It's a waste of time on some people. It does nothing.
Esperanza: No. Love is never for nothing.

#698: “Never for Nothing”

Camilla Parker: Suzie doesn't go to church…can I skip?
Eva Parker: No, you can’t. We go every Wednesday. You know that.
Camilla Parker: Right, but this month has five Wednesdays, not four. So, I’ve already met my quota.
Lucia Ortega: That makes no sense at all.

#727: “Your Servant is Listening, Part 1”

Eva Parker: We’re all going on a trip in the Imagination station.
Camilla Parker: We are!
Lucia Ortega: We are?
Eva Parker: Yes, we are. You didn’t think you’d be left behind, did you, Mama? Mr. Whittaker programmed this adventure for the three of us.
Camilla Parker: What’s it about?
Eva Parker: Why don’t we go find out?
Lucia Ortega: I’m not going to get one of those computer viruses, am I?

#727: “Your Servant is Listening, Part 1”

Camilla Parker: Grandma, you’re not posting about us, are you?
Lucia Ortega: Oh, just the food, honey; though my friends do think you all are very entertaining.
Matthew Parker: Yeah, you told them my haircut looked like a dead animal.
Camilla Parker: And that I went to school with my shirt on inside-out!
Olivia Parker: And that I dropped my phone into the toilet.
David Parker: Okay, leave your grandmother alone, kids. She doesn’t mean any harm by it. Your embarrassing moments increase her popularity.
Olivia Parker: Dad, she also posted about how you added transmission fluid into the radiator.
David Parker: You told everyone that??

#800: “Un-Tech the Halls”

Lucia Ortega: She and her fiance decided to get married this week!
Eva Parker: Oh?
Lucia Ortega: And she wants to be married here, in Odyssey.
Eva Parker: Oh.
Lucia Ortega: At your house!
Eva Parker: OH, NO!

#662: “Grandma's Visit”

Lucia Ortega: I... I got more than fifty likes on that one. Everybody thought it was hilarious! And my mechanic friend posted it on his blog: “Me-can’t-ics.” Get it? “Can’t” because... you can’t!

#800: “Un-Tech the Halls”

Lucia Ortega: [Eating your fruitcake] would be like chewing on a log cabin....
David Parker: <to Eva> I love your food, dear.
Eva Parker: Thank you, David.
Lucia Ortega: Kiss-up.

#800: “Un-Tech the Halls”


Lucia Ortega has appeared in 13 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Lucia Ortega}}%.

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Lucia Ortega has been mentioned in 6 episodes.