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Esperanza is a childhood friend of Lucia Ortega. Lucia recounts the story of their friendship in #698: “Never for Nothing”.


Esperanza is portrayed as a kind and adventurous girl and friend to the young Lucia. Believing in what her father taught her, she believed that loving one's neighbor was the best way to influence them to change. She put this belief into practice as she constantly showed kindness to a local troublemaker named Juan Reyes who eventually was influenced to change years later because of her selfless actions. Her actions would also influence her friend Lucia who was also influenced to show kindness to Juan despite his past actions.


Esperanza was the childhood friend of Lucia and was by nature adventurous and kind. Encouraged by the words of her father and despite the discouragement of Lucia, Esperanza showed kindness to the troublemaker Juan whom she believed could change if shown kindness. She demonstrated how far she was willing to go with her kindness when while helping Juan retrieve his shoes from a tree, the branch broke and she fell to her death. Her legacy ultimately proved powerful as Lucia was inspired to show kindness to Juan and likewise, Juan was inspired to change and influence others in a halfway house. Unknown to either of them Juan would later encourage Lucia's grandson Matthew Parker to show kindness to Jay in the hopes of changing.


Esperanza makes reference to her unnamed father and Juan makes reference to her unnamed mother. Esperanza's only relative mentioned by name is her cousin Guillermo.


Esperanza gave Lucia the necklace that Esperanza received from her grandmother as a sign of their friendship. At Esperanza's funeral, Lucia was inspired by the loving memory of Esperanza to invite Juan to sit by her and gave him Esperanza's necklace to him in hopes that he'd remember her sacrifice and change. Juan kept the necklace with him and years later kept it as a reminder that the men in the halfway house he managed could change as he did.


Esperanza: My Papa says we must always show love. No matter what. It does good.
Lucia Ortega: It's a waste of time on some people. It does nothing.
Esperanza: No. Love is never for nothing.

#698: “Never for Nothing”


Esperanza is voiced by Kimberly Ledesma, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 90%.