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Julius Schnitzelbonker
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Dr. Julius Schnitlzerbonker was a scientist in Odyssey that Chris Anthony would visit before the show.


His family was only referenced once when he says "my mother would be so proud".


Julius Schnitzelbonker: I'm a poet and I finally know it. Good, huh?

#???: “B-TV: Live!”

Chris Anthony: But Doc, the Christmas spirit isn't something you can manufacture by a machine.
Julius Schnitzelbonker: Oh yeah, smarty pants? Well, tell that to all the people who make video games, huh?

#135: “Back to Bethlehem, Part 1”

Chris Anthony: You know, you look kinda cute as a Tinkerbell, doctor.
Julius Schnitzelbonker: Yeah, but the tutu's a little short.

#135: “Back to Bethlehem, Part 1”

Julius Schnitzelbonker: No matter what I do, I cannot write haiku. Boo-hoo.

#???: “B-TV: Live!”

Chris Anthony: Seriously, doctor! You got this [can opener claimed to be invented by Julius Schnitzelbonker] at Dollar Mart, didn't you?
Julius Schnitzelbonker: Wha- D-DOLLAR MART?! Yes, that's right.

#???: “B-TV: Live!”


Julius Schnitzelbonker is voiced by Chuck Bolte, has appeared in 8 episodes.