Tom Riley's farm

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Tom Riley's farm
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Tom Riley's farm is a major setting in Adventures in Odyssey.


Tom Riley owns this farm. In #78: “The Nemesis, Part 2”, Richard Maxwell burned down the barn as a distraction so Tom and Whit would miss a City Council vote. In #79: “Our Best Vacation Ever”, families from Odyssey help Tom build a new barn.

The Timothy Center is on the farm.

In #202: “Timmy's Cabin”, Tom learns that at least some of the apple trees on his farm were originally sown by Johnny Appleseed.

There is a cabin that was built by Johnny Appleseed and refurbished by Timothy Riley.

The farm has been in the Riley family for a long time.

Tom's will following his death stated that Whit, Eugene and Connie all got an acre each of Tom's land while his sister Rebecca Clemmens got the rest of it. She thought about selling it.


Tom owns several horses and named three. Rachel, Leah, and Little Joe share Tom's farm along with some other horses he recieved from an owner wishing to retire her horses.

Involvement with Novacom

The farm is where Novacom built a communications tower.

Edgebiter Scandal

Years prior there had been a spill at the Edgebiter Chemical Company that leaked onto Tom's land and contaminated the stream that ran through his land. The company did a full cleanup of the spill and no long term damage was done.

During Tom's campaign for mayor, Philip Glossman, then state government official, 'finds' chemicals in the stream that is running through Tom's land. This leads to Tom farm being shutdown and a recall of all apples that have come from the Riley farm. This is used against Tom in the election by his opponent Bart Rathbone.

Luckily for Tom, Eugene Meltsner was able to record Glossman's henchmen dumping chemicals into the stream up stream and then testing to contaminated water farther downstream. This video is presented at a public debate that is being moderated by Bryan Dern and John Whittaker. The video proved Tom's innocence and played a key role in his bid for Mayor.


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