No Way Out

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#546: “No Way Out”
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1 John 4:18
18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
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Chris Anthony
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John Fornof
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Something's Got to Change
No Way Out
“No Way Out” is episode #546 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by John Fornof, and originally aired on May 22, 2004.


Whit hasn't come home on time which worries Jason Whittaker, while Marvin and Tamika Washington try to find out why things keep disappearing from their new house.



His leg is broken, and he doesn’t know where he is. John Avery Whittaker can only tell that Lester, a mentally challenged man has him locked in a dark room. Whit pleads with Lester to let him out, but Lester refuses. He tries to make things comfortable for Whit - even makes him a splint - but he won't let him leave. It’s a perilous situation, somehow connected to the Washington family.

Meanwhile, Marvin is convinced that there is a "Cheese Doodle Bandit" around who is stealing things at the new house. Not only that, but the family learns that their house might contain a millionaire’s fortune and Marvin finds a beat-up cell phone in a window well outside! What is going on?!

At Whit's End, Jason and Connie are trying to find the missing Whit. Using a voice message from Whit as their starting point, the two narrow down his whereabouts. But with Whit badly needing medical attention, will they reach him in time? The story continues in part II...

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Discussion Questions

  1. Were the Washington's right to trust Mr. Dockhart?
  2. Was Jason wise to try finding Whit by himself?


Role Voice Actor
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
David Dockhart Richard Green
Ed Washington Mark Christopher Lawrence
Elaine Washington J Karen Thomas
Jason Whittaker Townsend Coleman
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Lester Jeff Doucette
Mac Phil Crowley
Marvin Washington Jordan Calloway
Tamika Washington Courtney Brown
Officer Stew Burke Marshal Younger


  • Marvin asks when Xavier will be in Chicago. Elaine says that it takes a couple of days to get there by bus. HOWEVER, in #387: “New Year's Eve Live!”, Harlow Doyle accidentally gets on the bus to Chicago, and it was only supposed to take him from 11:30 or so at night till sometime early the next morning - NOT a couple of days! (Although it is possible he was already outside of town.)



John Whittaker: Lester, what's going on here?
Lester: That's a three, eighteen, ninety-nine.
John Whittaker: What does that mean?
Lester: I can't tell you.

Marvin Washington: Hey, maybe Xavier took the jar with him. You know how he likes pickles.
Ed Washington: I don't think pickles would fit well in his suitcase, and I don't think his mom would appreciate washing pickle juice out of his clothes.

Jason Whittaker: Alright, I'll find him myself.

Lester: You can yell, but no one can hear you.
John Whittaker: There's no one around?
Lester: No one can hear you.

Jason Whittaker: Let's run it through the frequency spectrum analyzer. I'm just gonna take it through phase cancellation and do a little harmonic filtering.
Connie Kendall: Of course. That's what I would do. Jason, where in the world do you learn this stuff?
Jason Whittaker: Uh... Boy Scouts.

John Whittaker: It's not what you do that makes you valuable, Lester. It's who you are. At least that's the way God sees us.

John Whittaker: How did you get Xavier's jacket?
Lester: Three, eighteen, ninety-nine.
John Whittaker: Lester, what have you done with Xavier?!