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Xavier Washington
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Xavier Washington stayed with his Uncle Ed (his father's big brother) after his father died because his mother was 'having some problems'. Though he was treated as one of the family, he had trouble fitting in, and felt like a family obligation. After #520: “The Mystery at Tin Flat”, Xavier began to really feel more like one of the family.

According to #552: “Sunday Morning Scramble”, he is now back living with his mother.


Main article: Washington family

Xavier's father was Ed Washington's little brother, making Ed his uncle, Elaine his aunt, and Marvin, Tamika, and Antoine his cousins. As mentioned previously, he is currently living with his mother.

Personality and Hobbies

Xavier is into sports, music, and TV. His favorite show is 'The Challenge': a reality TV show.


See Washington quotes.

Xavier Washington: I'm gonna get a sandwich.

“The Defining Moment”

Xavier Washington: Hey Nick! I was wondering, what would that look like as a science fiction movie?
Nick Mulligan: I don't know...why don't you come up and we'll show everybody!

“The Taming of the Two”

Xavier Washington: What's the deal? Is the ice cream that good?
Ed Washington: I don't know, but you can't really go wrong when it's free!
Xavier Washington: Free?! Mr. Whittaker said you could give the ice cream away for free?
Ed Washington: No! It was sort of my idea!
Xavier Washington: Are you sure it was a good one?
Ed Washington: No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't! I'm gonna bankrupt the shop, and I don't even work here!

“The Toy Man”

Xavier Washington: I once lived in a house with no ceiling! ...Okay, I didn't. But you make do with what you got!

“Something's Got to Change”

Xavier Washington: The only reason I'm here is because you made a promise to your little brother before he died. So that's what I am—a family obligation.

“The Mystery at Tin Flat”

Xavier Washington: Wow. You're all stuck in jail!

“The Mystery at Tin Flat”


Xavier Washington is voiced by Niles Calloway, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 90.3%.

Xavier Washington has been mentioned in 4 episodes.