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This page archives the progression of the Adventures in Odyssey logo.

Aio logo.svg

Logo images

Logo Image Years Active Description
1987 - 1988 This is a logo for Odyssey USA, the original name of Adventures in Odyssey. It is found on the original Odyssey USA album.
1988 - 1989 The this is the first Adventures in Odyssey logo. It is an altered version of the Odyssey USA logo, created sometime after the show renamed in 1988.

1990 yellowarch logo.png
1989-1992 These generic logos were used on early Single Cassette Packages and Albums 5-9 in various colors
1992 - 1994 This curved logo was used on cassette albums 11 - 17
AIO Logo 1990s.png
This image was originally used on album 10, and then on 16 - 43. It usually included the tagline "Audio Series" below it.
AIO Book Cover.jpg
This logo appeared on the cover of a book in the introductions to the animated videos.
1997 Promotional photo used for the 10th Birthday

AIO newvideoseries logo.jpg
2000 - 2003 This image was used on the New Video Series; The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner, The Caves of Qumran, Escape from the Forbidden Matrix, & Race to Freedom.
Old AIO Logo.svg
Perhaps the most recognizable logo, this image was first on the cover of albums Album #44: Eugene Returns! and Album #45: Lost and Found. This image is still used on repackaged versions of album 1 through 46.
20th Anniversary Logo.svg
2007 - 2008 This image was used on albums 47 through 50 to celebrate the twentieth year of Adventures in Odyssey. See Category:20th Birthday Logo.
2009 This is the first version of the current logo. It was used on the special album Passages: Darien's Rise, and the Digital Download Album Ultimate Christmas Collection.
AIO 51 Blue.gif
2010 This is the second version of the current logo. It was used on the cover of Album #51: Take It From The Top, and The Jones and Parker Detective Agency (sampler album).
Aio logo.svg
2010 - present This is the current logo. It was first used on the cover of Album #52: Cause & Effect.
2010 - present This the current logo image without a border.
2017 Used for the 30th Birthday.

Closely related logos

Logo Image Description
The logo for the Family Portraits series used on the 1987 album release.
FOTF logo.svg
The current Focus on the Family logo.
The current logo for the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast.
The logo for the Passages: Darien's Rise collection.
The logo used for the Adventures in Odyssey Club (then known as the Odyssey Adventure Club), from 2014 to 2016.
The current logo for the Adventures in Odyssey Club.

The logo for Kidsboro.

The logo used for The Imagination Station Series.

The logo used for The Odyssey Times.

The logo for Aventuras en Odisea, the Spanish language adaptation of Adventures in Odyssey.

The online logo for the live action Hindi television series.

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