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Adventures in Odyssey (एडवेन्चर्स इन ओडिसी) is a Hindi live-action television series. Each episode of the series is based on the radio drama series Adventures in Odyssey.


Pack your toothbrush, carry your favorite book and travel with us to Odyssey, an enchanting little town filled with happy townsfolk, who know everyone. Walk around the heart of Odyssey's bustling town square, and get ready to make friends for life!!

Join us at Victor's Junction, the neighborhood coffee shop where you can meet interesting travelers who have journeyed far and wide to visit people like you. Listen to their stories and experience the great feats they have been on… in Adventures in Odyssey!



Adaptation Original Episode
विक्टर का फ्लॉप शो ("Victor's flop show") #1: “Whit's Flop”
Promises, Promises #7: “Promises, Promises”
#12: “The Tangled Web”
#14: “Missed It By That Much”
#19: “Recollections”
ताक़तवर तरुण ("Strong Young") #20: “Mike Makes Right”
#23: “The Quality of Mercy”
लाल के बदलते रंग ("Changing the color red") #27: “A Change of Hart”
ज़बान संभल के ("Careful Tongue") #29: “Rumor Has It”
रिश्तों का सैलाब ("Relationships overflow") #34: “Stormy Weather” (?)
सलामत रहे दोस्ताना हमारा ("We survived Friendly") #43: “Back to School”
मेरा हीरो ("My Heroes") #48: “Heroes”
उम्मीद की किरण ("Silver Lining") #50: “Karen”
#51: “Connie, Part 1”
#52: “Connie, Part 2”
क्रिसमस का महत्व ("Significance of Christmas") #54: “Peace on Earth”
वादा रहा ("Promise") #53: “The Sacred Trust”
पश्चाताप ("Remorse") #57: “The Prodigal, Jimmy”
#58: “A Matter of Obedience”
प्रार्थना कु उत्तर ("Ms. Answered Prayer") #60: “And When You Pray...”
अगापे प्रेम ("Agape Love") #64: “The Greatest of These”
श्रीमत आशीर्वाणदाम ("Mrs. Ashirwandam") #72: “An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper”
झूठ का परिणाम ("Results of Lies") #90: “But, You Promised”


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