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Grady McKay
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Grady McKay is a boy who was raised by a single mother. Because his father was absent, Wooton Bassett became a pseudo-father to him and eventually led Grady to Christ. Grady also found Eugene Meltsner's father after Eugene hadn't seen his father in over 20 years. Grady is a huge Power Boy fan and collects both Power Boy trading cards and comics, often given to him by Wooton for free. His favorite Power Boy character is Beth the Barbarian.


Grady's father, Carson McKay was absent until #628: “The Highest Stakes” due to a gambling addiction. Grady's sister is Samantha McKay, and his mother is Kristi McKay.


Grady's special friends are Wooton Bassett and John Whittaker. He has a special relationship with Marvin Washington because Marvin gave Grady his bike. Grady has an ongoing feud with Rodney Rathbone.


When Grady was first introduced he was 'rebellious and angry'. He felt that the world had walked on him, and was ready to walk right back on everybody else. He also struggled with a deep bitterness towards his father. His temper occasionally flares up, causing him to do things he later regrets. However, through Wooton Bassett and Mr. Whittaker, he was able to see in them the father he'd been missing, and began to understand how God is the perfect father. Through these influences, Grady was able to grasp concepts he had struggled with, such as forgiveness and right vs. wrong. His conversion to Christianity opened up a new door for him.



Grady McKay: So, when are you going to do it?
Jason Whittaker: Do what?
Grady McKay: Do that thing you do to escape! You know, pull a bazooka out of your wristwatch, or click your heels together and eject us through the roof!
Jason Whittaker: Sorry, I’m a gadget free agent.
Sherman Wurt: Whereas I am a gadget filled villain!

#635: “Accidental Dilemma, Part 2”

Grady McKay: Don't get too excited. I'm only coming because of my mom.
Wooton Bassett: Oh, is she coming to church too?
Grady McKay: No, my mom doesn't believe in God. She has to iron.
Wooton Bassett: Oh, as punishment?
Grady McKay: Huh?
Wooton Bassett: Huh?

#585: “The Poor Rich Guy”

Grady McKay: They need air conditioning in these houses.

#608: “Run-of-the-Mill Miracle”

Grady McKay: Hey, Rodney! Why don't you pick on someone your own IQ? Oh wait, you did—a squirrel.

#623: “Buddy Guard”

John Whittaker: I think Jennifer was saying that like a father, God loves us, protects us and teaches us.
Grady McKay: If God's like a Father does it also mean he'll disappear and not show up for a few years?
John Whittaker: God is the perfect Father, Grady — better than any on Earth and He'll always show up.

#590: “Three O'Clock Call”

Kristi McKay: Oh, look, it's exactly two fifty-nine. Nine years ago this very minute you were screaming hello for the first time.
Grady McKay: Yeah, me and my big mouth.

#590: “Three O'Clock Call”

Grady McKay: What time is it?
Samantha McKay: Three'o'clock.
Grady McKay: That's weird.
Samantha McKay: What?
Grady McKay: The phone rang at the exact same time yesterday.

#590: “Three O'Clock Call”

Grady McKay: He says he hasn't gambled in six months.
Kristi McKay: So he says. But you don't know your father. If it isn't gambling, it'll be something else. And he's always sorry for what he's done, over and over...after a while, you don't want to hear how sorry he is.

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”

Kristi McKay: Grady! There are dirty dishes in the closet!
Grady McKay: Closets aren't for dirty dishes either? What good are they?

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”

Grady McKay: I'd rather be like you.
Wooton Bassett: out-of-shape mailman who decorates with leftover garage sale items?

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

Grady McKay: So, you're saying we can't give away the kitchen table?
Kristi McKay: Yes. That's what I'm saying.
Grady McKay: <calling> Samantha! We better put the table back!

#594: “A Time for Action, Part 1”

Grady McKay: Dad, I may be wrong, but I think you're supposed to put the worm on the hook, not your finger.

#634: “Accidental Dilemma, Part 1”

Grady McKay: You dirty, rotten traitor!
Agent Huddleston: Yeah, whatever.

#635: “Accidental Dilemma, Part 2”

Grady McKay: Okay, so how do we do this? What do we need? Water? Do I have to shave my head or something?
Wooton Bassett: Oh, well, I mean... you can if you want, but it's not required, and praying won't give you razor burn.

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

Grady McKay: I'm expecting something in the mail, and I've got to get it before someone else does!
Mr. Blaylock: Funny. I thought report cards didn't come out until next Monday.

#563: “Tuesdays with Wooton”

Waitress: And for you, ma'am?
Samantha McKay: Uh, a Maxi Deluxe cheeseburger with extra cheese, and cheesy fries, and a milk, please!
Grady McKay: Why don't they just bring out the whole cow, Sam?
Carson McKay: You know what? That sounds good! Bring me a cow, too!

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”

Wooton Bassett: You know, this is really cool, Grady; and here I thought finally getting a ten-pronged fork in the mail was gonna be the highlight of my day!
Grady McKay: So... this is better, huh?
Wooton Bassett: Yeah. This is the best, Grady.

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

Grady McKay: How'd you rip your pants?
Wooton Bassett: Oh, you know, just living by the mailman motto.
Grady McKay: The one about rain, sleet, and snow?
Wooton Bassett: No, no, the other one: Another day, another dog bite.

#563: “Tuesdays with Wooton”

Connie Kendall: "Joe" is fortunate to have a friend like you, Grady.
Grady McKay: Okay, we both know it's me, you can stop the "wink, wink" stuff now.

#624: “Wooing Wooton”

Kristi McKay: You know what? I take that back. People do change. I've seen you do it. You used to be such a handful every day, rebellious and angry...and look at you. You've turned into this sweet little man. I wish your dad could do whatever you've been doing.
Grady McKay: I was just listening to people like Mr. Whittaker and Wooton. They told me about God.
Kristi McKay: God? You mean you think going to church has changed you?
Grady McKay: Yeah, sort of. I guess it helped to start some changes.

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

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Grady McKay is voiced by Jordan Orr, has appeared in 18 episodes.

Grady McKay has been mentioned in 1 episode.