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The Rathbone family as they appear on their Christmas card, released in 2023.
Bart and Doris

The Rathbone family is a family that lives in Odyssey, the whole family first appearing in #243: “Family Values”.


Extended Family


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The subject of where the Rathbones live is a matter of some interest, since there are a multiple references to the Rathbones as being neighbors or in the neighborhood of many different characters, including the Washington family and the Straussberg family. The Rathbones' given address is at 4242 Sycamore Lane.

Family Tree

Grandpa Rathbone
Bart Rathbone Bartrathbone-1.jpg
Doris Vineropoli Doris.png
Rodney Rodneyrathbone.png


Rathbone family has appeared in 2 comic story arc(s).