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Information.png This project is currently on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

In late March 2020, it was confirmed that Camilla Parker is ten years old. That means about two years (possibly close to three) have canonically passed since album 51. This page is dedicated to sorting out the timeline. This may prove difficult, considering there have been more than two Christmas episodes between album 51 to present. This is a casual project of mine, nothing intensive. If you have a comment on my project, let me know!

There have been several Christmas episodes since 2010. #678: “Grandma's Christmas Visit”, #748: “The Perfect Gift”, #750: “All By Myself”, #800: “Un-Tech the Halls”, #847: “Beyond Repair”, and soon, it seems, #908: “The Christmas Bells” and #910: “If I Never Told You”. Additionally, there have been several winter episodes which I will have to sort accordingly. But judging solely on Christmas episodes, it would appear at least four years have passed since 2010. I might have to ditch the show's actual canon to make this work. ;) I am not sure how this will work, taking into account how the characters (specifically the kids) have aged. If four years have passed in this timeline, Camilla should be twelve. If Camilla is twelve, Matthew should be fourteen, and Olivia should be sixteen. The Parker kids' ages might be the most accurate way to calculate how much time has passed. We'll see.

#898 – #900: “The Rydell Revelations” confirms that everything back to #802: “Parker for President” was in the same school year. Oy vey! This is going to get complicated.

Below is the timeline. I have several notes about the episodes so I can remember specific details that would indicate what time of year it is, how many days pass within the episodes themselves, etc. When I finish an album, I'll put the episodes into a fitting month of the year.


Year 1

Album 51: