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Following is a timeline of the history of John Whittaker, from the death of his mother to the first episode of Adventures in Odyssey. The timeline follows episodes that deal with certain parts of his life.

Whit in 2014
Whit in the navy, as seen in the Jumpstart Comics.
Events Episode
Whit's mother dies #789: “The Journal of John Avery Whittaker”
Fionna Donneral becomes Whit's stepmother
Fionna loses sight #49: “Thank You, God”
Whit becomes a Christian as a boy
Whit's family moves to America #789: “The Journal of John Avery Whittaker”
Whit meets Jack Allen
Whit creates a bucket list with Jack #717: “Great Expectations”
Whit and Jack in North Carolina #297: “Blackbeard's Treasure”
Whit, Jack, and Wilson Knox in middle school #808: “No Friend Like an Old Friend”
Whit studies Philosophy and Literature at Duke University #94: “Operation Digout” (mentioned)
Whit is drafted into the Navy #717: “Great Expectations”
Whit meets Reginald Duffield during World War II #93: “Rescue from Manatugo Point”
Whit's ear injured during WWII #94: “Operation Digout”
Whit gets a scholarship to the University of Southern California #717: “Great Expectations”
Whit meets Jenny Morrow at USC #464: “The Triangle, Part 1”
#465: “The Triangle, Part 2”
Whit proposes to Jenny #609: “Prequels of Love”
Jenny becomes pregnant with Jerry #717: “Great Expectations”
Whit founds the Universal Press Foundation #19: “Recollections” (first mentioned)
Jenny is pregnant with Jana #844: “Charlotte”
Whit's stepsister Charlotte dies #844: “Charlotte”
Whit's Christmases before Vietnam #582: “Silent Night”
Jerry (Whit's firstborn) leaves for Vietnam #352: “Memories of Jerry”
Jerry dies in Vietnam (in November 1971) #796: “The Boat People, Part 2”
Whit refuses to donate to the Seasweep
Whit's first Christmas after Vietnam #582: “Silent Night”
The Whittakers move to Odyssey #18: “A Member of the Family, Part 2” (mentioned)
Whit teaches at Odyssey High School #722: “The Lost Riddle” (mentioned)
Whit quits teaching at McCollum Jr. High #717: “Great Expectations”
Whit celebrates Christmas 1977 with Jenny #582: “Silent Night”
Jenny dies #19: “Recollections”
Whit after Jenny's death #365: “Clara”
Whit opens Whit's End #19: “Recollections”
Adventures in Odyssey begins #1: “Whit's Flop”