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Reginald Duffield
Episode appearances
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Reginald Duffield is Whit's friend from World War II during the Battle of Guadalcanal. They first met when Whit was on a rescue mission to find Regi, nicknamed during the events of Rescue from Manatugo Point. Regi and Whit later worked together during Operation Digout. During the battle Whit saved Regi from a bomb that shot shrapnel into Whit's leg and took off part of his ear. Regi in turn rescued the unconscious Whit from the water, but was shipped out after the operation.

Years later Regi came to Odyssey to fulfill a promise the two made and to let Whit know that his witnessing to him paid off, and Regi not only became a Christian, but also became the pastor of a church back in England. In The Very Best of Friends, Whit showed Regi Whit's End and talked with him about some other things. He also helped Jimmy Barclay and Oscar Peterson in creating a Shakespeare skit for their assignment in the Fall Festival. At the same time he also helped Whit figure out how to help Donna Barclay in getting over her bitterness over Karen Crosby's death. The Shakespeare skit turned out to be a success and Donna was finally able to accept Karen's death and move on.


Reginald Duffield: Four hands are better than two, what?

#94: “Operation Digout”

Reginald Duffield: When all else fails, attack the enemy straight on!

#95: “The Very Best of Friends”

John Whittaker: Don't look now, but your actors have arrived.
Reginald Duffield: Well, it's all right now that I've had my tea.

#95: “The Very Best of Friends”

Jimmy Barclay: ...A lot of my lines seem like, well, something like a girl would say.
Reginald Duffield: With good reason, Jimmy; Juliet is a girl.

#95: “The Very Best of Friends”


Reginald Duffield has appeared in 4 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 91.5%.

All (4)  · Parley Baer (1989)  · Nathan Carlson (1989-1990)