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Timothy Center
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The Timothy Center is a camp and retreat center on Tom Riley's farm where kids and others come to have fun. It is named after Tom's late son Timothy Riley .


The Timothy Center was created by Tom Riley in response to the discovery of his son Timothy Riley's journal under the floorboards of the cabin on his farm in #406: “Malachi's Message, Part 1”. The center's opening retreat was held on March 6, 1999 in #418: “Opening Day”.

The Shepards have lived and worked at the center since their arrival in #418: “Opening Day”. Aubrey, however, has since moved away to college.

In #812: “Legacy, Part 2”, it was established that after the death of Tom, the Timothy Center along with Tom's far sat abandoned for a while. In the episode after Eugene, Whit, and Connie were willed parts of the farm as enforced by Tom's sister, Rebecca Clemmens, she briefly contemplated selling the property. However, after testing running a presentation with the Westcott family, they decided to re-open the Timothy Center as a performance venue.


Known Buildings

  • Chapel
  • Cabins
  • Shepards' House
  • Timmy's Cabin
  • Main Building

Known Activities Offered

  • Horseback Riding
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Miscellaneous sports

Known Retreats Held

  • The Happy Smilers convention
  • Women's prayer retreat



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