Connie and Joanne's Road Trip saga

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Connie and Joanne's Road Trip saga is an arc of episodes that span the late 2003 to early 2004 seasons of Adventures in Odyssey. The saga sees Connie Kendall and Joanne Allen journeying by car from Odyssey to Virginia, where Joanne hopes to sell a rare antique in order to raise money for rebuilding a church in Sri Lanka while Connie hopes to reconnect with her estranged love interest Robert Mitchell.

While the saga's narrative purpose is to detail the end of Connie's romantic relationship with Mitch, its themes are primarily marriage and family, with the marriages of couples Joanne and Jack Allen, Peter and Janelle Bourland and Bill and June Kendall all being explored in greater detail.

Some of the early episodes are standalone adventures with one-time characters and a peripheral connection to these arcs, while the closing episodes feature the return of old favorite characters George and Jimmy Barclay.

The title of each episode includes a color.


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