Eugene and Bernard's Road Trip saga

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Eugene and Bernard's Road Trip was a plot device for a saga used in Adventures in Odyssey. Spanning six episodes, the saga features two of Odyssey's most prominent characters, Eugene Meltsner and Bernard Walton and was used to explain the departure of Whit from the show.

The saga follows the road trip that Eugene and Bernard take across the country on their way to California, where Bernard plans to trade in his pickup truck. Eugene is along for the ride for the experience. Throughout the trip, they encounter various mishaps and deterrents, including finding themselves on a treasure hunt for an underground river of gold, being trapped in Hollywood during an earthquake, and Bernard being thrown in jail. When the two return to Odyssey, they find that Whit has left in their absence to perform missions work in the Middle East.

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  • Every episode title in this saga has a number.

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