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Thank you for taking your time to read this! Although, you may close out the page now and not read it just to spite me. I hope you don’t, because I have an exciting announcement! Are you ready? It’s– oh, yeah, you already know. Okay, I’ll get serious now and explain.


On January 4th of this year (the same day the Odyssey Adventure Club changed its name), I posted on my To-Do pageAn AIOWiki podcast....” A while before then, I had been thinking about making a podcast. Seeing that AIOWiki is one of the most popular AIO fansites, I believed that it needed one. I discovered that the current dedicated fansites (the Odyssey Scoop; the Adventures in Odyssey Blog) do not have podcasts. (The ones they had simply died away.) However, I don’t have interviewing or reviewing skills (like those at the ScoopCast did), so my podcast had to be something different. My answer was to make a podcast that is always up-to-date, revealing ALL of the newest info about AIO. That’s what it became.

To even see if a podcast was something the fans would enjoy, I made a poll with the question, “Scientific Guy is thinking about making an AIOWiki podcast. On a scale of 1 – 10, what do you think?” The second-highest vote was “11.” As a joke, I put “What?!?” below “1” at the bottom, but “What?!?” got 44% percent of the votes. I’m still not exactly sure what that meant, but I went ahead anyway.

I’ve always had a problem in calling the wiki project pages “Adventures in Odyssey Wiki:Pagename.” Why couldn’t we just call them “AIOWiki:Pagename”? After all, our proper name is the abbreviated form. I will use that form for the name of the podcast.


During brainstorming, I realized that I needed a co-host to make the podcast more interesting. I invited Arista Riley-Maxwell to be my co-host, and she accepted. As of April 18, 2017, I have recorded half of the script for the podcast, and Arista has recorded two-thirds.

I’ve already written the script, but I’m not planning on releasing it publicly just yet. I will tell the approximate layout of it.

The approximate length of the podcast is 7 minutes.


The AIOWiki Podcast will be uploaded to the wiki in an MP3 file, and will be released in a news item. Another news item will precede the release (I’m shooting for May) by a week.

At this time, I will not be using RSS/FeedBurner. Why not?

  1. Reddo is the only one who knows how to and can set up an other, separate feed.
  2. …I guess that’s the only viable reason.

Since Reddo’s in Brasil, unresponsive, I won’t be able to ask him about the feed anytime soon. Don’t worry; an RSS feed will come sometime.


The AIOWiki Podcast’s intro contains some clips from outtakes of the Official Podcast that I got from Nathan Hoobler in 2015. I’ve asked him if I can use them, and he’s thinkin’ about it. I also need to get a developer’s permission (either Reddo or Shadowpaw) to release the podcast. Since I can’t reach Reddo, I’ve asked Nathan for Shadowpaw’s contact info. Once I get the permissions, the week-before news item will be announced.

I hope I’ve informed you well enough, and that you’ll support the podcast on its release. In the meantime, stay on your toes!

Scientific Guy