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For behind-the-scenes information about the AIOWiki Podcast, see AIOWiki:Podcast.
The AIOWiki Podcast


The AIOWiki Podcast is a podcast hosted by Lee Acim and Arista. They interview cast and crew, review new and upcoming episodes, and do many other things related to Adventures in Odyssey.

Episode Reviews

Podcast Ep # Episode Lee Arista Average
3 826-827 Find a Penny 4.5 3.5 4
4 828 Friend or Foe 5 4.8 4.9
5 829 Have a Heart 5 4 4.5
5 830 B-TV: Revenge 4.5 4.5 4.5
4 831 Crash Course 4 4.5 4.25
9 832 Your Honest Opinion, Please 4.25 4.9 4.575
10 833 The Secret of the Writer's Ruse 4 3 3.5
11 834 Sir Buddy's Snowy Day 5 5 5
12 835-836 David and Absalom 5 5 5
13 837 Out of the Picture 3 3.5 3.25
Podcast Ep # Episode Lee Arista Average
14 826-827 Find a Penny 3.5 3.5 3.4
14 828 Friend or Foe 4.5 4.5 4.5
14 829 Have a Heart 4 4 4
14 830 B-TV: Revenge 3.5 3.5 3.5
14 831 Crash Course 3 4 3.5
14 832 Your Honest Opinion, Please 3.5 2 2.75
14 833 The Secret of the Writer's Ruse 3.5 3 3.25
14 834 Sir Buddy's Snowy Day 4.5 5 4.75
14 835-836 David and Absalom 4.5 5 4.75
14 837 Out of the Picture 1.5 3 2.25
16 850 The Shame About Fame 3 3 3
17 854 Not What I Expected 0.5 2.5 1.5

List of Podcast Editions

NOTE: 2 podcasts have been released in alternate versions: AIOWiki Podcast 3 (no plot summary), AIOWiki Podcast 4 (no plot summaries)
Number Date Length Description
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#18 Jun 2 2019 15:34

Fun is the order of the day on this interim edition of the AIOWiki Podcast! No reviews, no interviews, just a look forward to the next podcasts, and a peek into the hilarity of Lee and Arista … while redoing the Get in the Show! scripts.

Podcast 18 News:Archive/2019/06 - AIOWiki Podcast 18#disqus_thread
#17 Jan 20 2019 33:01

Today’s edition of the AIOWiki Podcast, a review of “Not What I Expected,” explores an important question: can an episode be reviewed by people outside the target audience? Lee and Arista give their opinions and interpretations about the fifth episode in Album 65.

Podcast 17 News:Archive/2019/01 - AIOWiki Podcast 17#disqus_thread
#16 Jan 13 2019 31:40

Lee and Arista return to episode reviews with a look at Album 65, starting with “The Shame About Fame.” They discuss the newest main character, Olivia and Zoe’s friendship, enthusiastic music, and clincher statements.

Podcast 16 News:Archive/2019/01 - AIOWiki Podcast 16#disqus_thread
#15 Nov 11 2018 35:04

Lee and Arista welcome Grayson Smith to an interview with the AIOWiki Podcast! All three share in the fun as Grayson shares his love of Odyssey, experience with acting, various hobbies, cameos on the show, trip to the Bahamas, and more.

Podcast 15 News:Archive/2018/11 - AIOWiki Podcast 15#disqus_thread
#14 Nov 4 2018 25:36

It’s been 12 AIO episodes and 13 podcast editions in the making. Now, for the culmination of the AIOWiki Podcast, get ready for Lee and Arista’s Avery Awards! Afterwards, the Out-of-Five Rating Rubric is revealed…with a few surprises!

Podcast 14 News:Archive/2018/11 - AIOWiki Podcast 14#disqus_thread
#13 Sep 9 2018 31:19

The AIOWiki Podcast’s review of Album 64 closes with a few thoughts on “Out of the Picture.” Much attention to detail is given in this review of the final episode in the album.

Podcast 13 News:Archive/2018/09 - AIOWiki Podcast 13#disqus_thread
#12 Aug 5 2018 21:07

“David and Absalom” is the next episode to be reviewed by Lee and Arista. They discuss the “really good” writing of the Bible story, individual actors like Andre Stojka and Kelly Stables, and how Odyssey’s music just keeps getting better.

Podcast 12 News:Archive/2018/08 - AIOWiki Podcast 12#disqus_thread
#11 Apr 1 2018 23:30

After a short April Fools’ hoax, Lee and Arista are back with the highest-quality AIOWiki Podcast yet, showcasing a glowing review of “Sir Buddy’s Snowy Day.”

Podcast 11 News:Archive/2018/04 - AIOWiki Podcast 11#disqus_thread
#10 Mar 11 2018 22:06

On the tenth AIOWiki Podcast (a small milestone but a milestone nonetheless), “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse” is up for review. Was it a good episode, or could the plot have been better? Decide for yourself or tune in to hear Lee and Arista’s opinion about it.

Podcast 10 News:Archive/2018/03 - AIOWiki Podcast 10#disqus_thread
#9 Feb 17 2018 27:20

This time on the AIOWiki Podcast, Lee and Arista have a full, in-depth review of the first episode of Album 64. Besides that, Album 65 has been announced, along with a new boxed album and tons of news about some new books. Be sure to hear it!

Podcast 9 News:Archive/2018/02 - AIOWiki Podcast 9#disqus_thread
#8 Dec 23 2017 14:49

This edition of the AIOWiki Podcast includes the most information about upcoming Odyssey episodes to date! Among the subjects fully covered are Album 64, the 2018 Adventures in Odyssey Club season, and the Live Show on the cruise.

Podcast 8 News:Archive/2017/12 - AIOWiki Podcast 8#disqus_thread
#7 Oct 15 2017 29:32

As the interview with Nathan Hoobler and Sam Suksiri finishes, the two discuss “Friend or Foe” in detail, the character developments of Buck Oliver and Jules Kendall, and what Odyssey has in store for the future.

Podcast 7 News:Archive/2017/10 - AIOWiki Podcast 7#disqus_thread
#6 Oct 15 2017 23:32

Nathan Hoobler and Sam Suksiri join Lee and Arista for an interview on this edition of the podcast. They talk about being fans as kids, how they got started with the Odyssey team, and Nathan’s various work at Focus on the Family.

Podcast 6 News:Archive/2017/10 - AIOWiki Podcast 6#disqus_thread
#5 Oct 6 2017 38:02

After poring through Album 63, Lee and Arista close the review series of it with “B-TV: Revenge” and “Have a Heart.” Plus, news about the Get in the Show! finalists.

Podcast 5 News:Archive/2017/10 - AIOWiki Podcast 5#disqus_thread
#4 Aug 27 2017 48:21

Details have been released about all of the new episodes coming out soon, and it’s time to share what we know. Plus, the Adventures in Odyssey Bible. Later, Lee and Arista read the plot summaries for “Friend or Foe” and “Crash Course” and take time to review them.

Podcast 4 News:Archive/2017/08 - AIOWiki Podcast 4#disqus_thread
#3 Jul 29 2017 26:34

As more info trickles in, Lee and Arista reveal Album 64’s title, the next Imagination Station book, and, maybe, a little bit more….

Podcast 3 News:Archive/2017/07 - AIOWiki Podcast 3#disqus_thread
#2 Jul 1 2017 5:17

New official podcasts have come, and so has AIOWiki Podcast #2! Lee and Arista clear up questions left from Podcast #0 and discuss the latest spoilers in Odyssey.

Podcast 2 News:Archive/2017/07 - AIOWiki Podcast 2#disqus_thread
#1 Jun 25 2017 6:40

Following a lull in new AIO information, Lee and Arista take time to read the Get in the Show! 2017 scripts (or, at least, try to…).

Podcast 1 News:Archive/2017/06 - AIOWiki Podcast 1#disqus_thread
#0 May 7 2017 8:15

Lee and his co-host Arista tackle the hard questions of Odyssey, such as, “What episodes are in Album 63?” “When is each Club episode going to be released?” “When do we vote in the Get in the Show! contest?” “What’s happening on the Focus on the Family cruise?” The answers are revealed.

Podcast 0 News:Archive/2017/05 - AIOWiki Podcast 0#disqus_thread
Number Date Length Description
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