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Jonah is a prophet in the Bible.


Any family he might have had is unknown.


Jonah: <to Jack and Lucy> Boy, you'd think in the stomach of a fish you could find some peace and quiet! Why don't you kids go out and play in some other fish?!

“Return to the Bible Room”

Pat Philgis: ...Adam and Eve, uh, I don't seem to have your last name here.
Adam: Smith.
Pat Philgis: Adam and Eve...Smith.
Eve: Hi.
Pat Philgis: And from not quite as ancient Israel is Jonah— last name either?
Jonah: Arrr!... Smith.

“B-TV: Obedience”

Jonah: And for my disobedience, I wind up here, in the belly of a whale.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Big fish.
Jonah: Whatever.

“Return to the Bible Room”

Jack Davis: I usually wind up in my room when I disobey.
Jonah: I'll trade places with you anytime.
Jack Davis: No, thanks. Boy, this story was fun up until now. Now I feel bad.
Jonah: You and me both, kiddo.

“Return to the Bible Room”

Unknown: Jonah!
Jonah: Ah! My whale-mates!
Unknown: Big fish.

“Return to the Bible Room”


Jonah has appeared in 5 episodes, has been voiced by 4 actors, and has received an average user rating of 89.3%.

All (5)  · Townsend Coleman (1998)  · Dave Madden (2001)  · Pete Reneday (2008)  · Will Ryan (1988)

Jonah has been mentioned in 1 episode.