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Welcome to my profile page, you poor thing. Don't worry; it'll be over soon.

I'm also the user TigerintheShadows, but I forgot my password. So there's that.

Editing Policies

Basically, I exist to correct poor grammar (of which there seems to be a surprisingly great amount) in all articles, but especially quotes. I also expand plots that need it when I can and describe relationships between characters where it applies.

I will also edit articles to make them sound more professional. It does not matter to me what the point being made is; an online encyclopedia of anything, whatever it is, should work toward at least attempting to sound professional. If this bothers you, feel free to take it up with me on my talk page, though I can't promise that you'll get what you want out of it. I also do not intend to ask anyone if their page needs editing. This wiki is based on a cautious, yet subjective, editing judgment, and if I feel that someone is writing in an unprofessional manner, I will change it. I'm really not trying to be a jerk, but I do think that the wiki needs to uphold a standard equivalent to a more encyclopedic source, since that is what we claim to be.

About Me

Ah, well, I guess this is the part where I actually make myself look like a presentable human being, isn't it? //sighs

I really do enjoy Adventures in Odyssey, among many other things. I am indeed a Christian, have been since I was eleven, and I'm quite interested in Biblical scholarship and theology. I'm very snarky and blunt, and I'm stubborn as a mule to boot. I don't ever try to be unpleasant; it just sort of works out that way because alas, there is only so much you can read into typeface.

The Opinion Section

And now it's time for "Opinions with TigerShadow", the part of the profile where Tiger thinks of a subject and gives her blunt opinion about it to the consternation of her readers.

Any of the volumes of the Harry Potter books would be the best fantasy book I've ever read; the first Twilight book is the worst. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a much better show than the live-action movie it got, while Avatar: The Legend of Korra is better than people give it credit for. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is exactly what "girls' cartoons" need, SpongeBob SquarePants is an awful show and its cancellation can only come as a relief. Tangled is the best of the Disney Princess movies by far, and How to Train Your Dragon was the best decision DreamWorks ever made. The Trent/Mandy pairing is by far the best of the AIO romances; Connie/Mitch was a plague.

Summer is the best season, spring has the best weather, winter has the best holidays, and fall has the best color. Thunderstorms are a lot more exciting than rainstorms, and sunny spring days trump them all. Film score is better than pop music, and boy bands can't hold a candle to hard rock. Italian soups are where it's at, and no one makes chocolate like Dove. Cats are better than dogs, by far. Politics is annoying; news broadcasts are irritatingly sensationalized. Plaid button-down shirts are awesome. Colored pencils are the unsung medium of the art world. My family means the world to me, no matter how much they can get on my nerves. Verbosity is an art form. Sesquipedalian loquaciousness is a marvelous way to entertain oneself, given the reactions of other people to such speech mannerisms.

Above all, those who are granted the gift of sarcasm are truly blessed people indeed.

Headcanons n' Such

These are my personal interpretations of the show. Disagree if you wish; I just need a place to put them.

  • Cal Jordan and the DeWhite boys are mixed-race.
  • Arnold Schwarzenbanger, Bill Crosby, and Colimbo are all manifestations of Trent DeWhite's insecurities (inadequate physical fitness, personality, and intellect, respectively).
  • Marvin and Mandy are bros for life. They bond over food.
  • David and Marvin end up becoming friends and team up with Alex and Cal regularly to pull pranks.
  • Emily Jones gradually grows closer to Olivia Parker as Matthew starts hanging out with the Square One Club and Priscilla spends more and more time with Barrett.
  • Mandy discovers over the course of her musical theatre career that she is, in fact, a lyric soprano.
  • Max Hampton never actually had a crush on Mandy; he gave her the valentine out of gratitude for her friendship and generosity.
  • After the events of #397: “Tornado!”, the members of the Straussberg family were the only people whom Bart Rathbone never tried to cheat.
  • Liz Horton eventually goes to work for the Washington Post—the allure of the paper responsible for busting the biggest American scandal wide open was too strong to resist.