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The Straussberg family has been in Odyssey since #392: “When In Doubt...Pray!”. The entire family first appeared together in #397: “Tornado!” when Mandy was about 4 or 5 years old.

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Stephen and Rachel Straussberg separated to different sides of Odyssey in #592: “Now More than Ever”. They started the process of getting back together in #627: “Life, in the Third Person, Part 2”. During the time of her parent's separation, Mandy went through a lot of emotional struggle. Eventually, the family was reunited and decided to stay in Odyssey. Their last episode was “Life, in the Third Person, Part 2”.


In addition, it was mentioned in #426: “The Buck Starts Here” that Mandy's grandmother Ethel taught her a recipe for muffins.


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Family Tree

Abel McAlister
Stephen DeWhite
Mrs. DeWhite
Rachel Straussberg
Stephen Straussberg
Jared DeWhiteJaredDeWhite.png
Trent DeWhite
Mandy StraussbergMandy in The Great Wishy Woz.jpg
David Straussberg
Brandon DeWhite
Unknown (Female)