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Joined: July 1, 2012
User number: 868
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Gender: Male
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What I'm Currently Working On

Major Projects


Minor Projects

  • Fixing grammar problems in quotes. (ex. seeing "Jason what are you doing here." And changing it to "Jason! What are you doing here!?")
  • Fixing spelling problems. For example, "I new it was importent too see her." ) and changing it to "I knew it was important to see her."
  • Fixing any incorrect information I come across.
  • Adding "Any Family he/she may have is unknown." to once-used characters. Expendable Crewman, for example.

Side Projects

  • Adding template New person to people's pages if they aren't used to the wiki.
  • Editing my page!

Numb Projects

  • Making sure Links work.

My History on AIO Wiki

I joined in 2012, making this my 3rd year. I edited a lot, but I eventually became inactive. However, I soon started editing again. I've made almost 2000 edits, have helped new editors whenever I could, and have contributed as much as I could.


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Fun Pages


I've listened to Adventures in Odyssey for many years and I could answer probably any AIO question.


I have been a Christian for about 7 years, ever since my Grandfather was reading a Bible to me. I asked him to pause, and I went to a corner and asked Jesus into my heart. At first, I became a Christian because I thought "Oh man! Eternal life!? Awesome!" but I have grown and matured since then and realized, it's about much much more than just living forever. Thank God for salvation.

Prayer Requests

I have about a dozen prayer requests that I don't want to go into detail about, please pray for me.

Thank you for your prayers!

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Random Quote

Random Quote

Connie: Row, row, row your boat. Row, row, row your— People, I can't do a round by myself!
“Best Laid Plans”