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Adventures inodysseylego
Joined: Jan. 2, 2011
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My subpages include of "Things About Me", "Polls", "Guestbook", "My Sig", "Userboxes", "My Collection", and "My Worklist" .


Random Quote

John Whittaker: Uh, oh. Come on, Traci. We'd better get down there before the vacuum starts honking and your mom starts eating the carpet.
“What Happened to the Silver Streak?”

Eugene Meltsner~~"No, because I know almost everything there is to know."

Dale Jacobs~~"Two weeks ago she said that the Nazis were putting drugs in the city water supply to make us all move to Germany."

Bernard~~(Beeping noise) Huh? What was that? Oh my computer. Instant message from AREM. Do I wish to respond? No, I wish to go home. Is there a button for that? Ah forget it.

Eugene~~I could come up with something on my chemistry set, for Mr. Glossman I mean.