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About Me

Hi, as you know my username is Sing4Jesus. As you can probably tell from my username, I LOVE to sing, I also LOVE Adventures in Odyssey, although I only have a couple of the "life lessons" cds. I mainly listen to AIO on the podcast,, and the daily audio player at the Focus on the Family website. I think this site was a FABULOUS idea. I love writing and reading and sometimes I feel like Lucy in the picture, always carrying a book or notepad under my arm! I am into writing songs now. I think recently I have written about 4. I am also in the process of writing two books. One currently has 18 pages, the other has 8. I have a younger brother and sister who also listen to Odyssey, and although I am the biggest AIO fan in the family, my younger brother is pretty close behind.

Also, I am now the official editor, creator, and scribe of a magazine me and my friends made called A Work in Progress My OAC name is fireflycrew. (It's a shared account between me and my brother. I'm Chip the Firefly)

My Favs

Aio Favs

Episodes- Terror from the Skies, Broken Window, Snow Day, Hold Up!, For Trying Out Loud, Ice Fishing, and Mandy's Debut.

I also like the episodes with Jason Whittaker in them.

Albums- The Green Ring Conspiracy

Characters- Mandy Straussberg, Connie Kendall, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz and Sue (Sewer Rat)

Non-Aio Favs

Singers- Jeremy Camp, TobyMac, Mandisa, Owl City, and Ginny Owens.

Groups- Kutless, MercyMe, Newsboys, Caedman's Call, Zoegirl, and Casting Crowns.

Songs-(most favorite are in bold) I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe, The Warrior is a Child - Twila Paris, Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath, Somebody Tell Them - City Harbor, Dive - Steven Curtis Chapman, Beautiful Things - Gungor, Made to Love - TobyMac, Waiting for Tomorrow - Mandisa, Blessings - Laura Story, Steal my Show - TobyMac, Learning to be the Light - Newworldson, I Refuse - Josh Wilson, Someone Worth Dying For - MIKESCHAIR, Jesus in Disguise - Brandon Heath, You Lead - Jamie Grace and Only A Mountain - Jason Castro.

Books-(the ones i am reading right now are in bold) The Journals of Corrie Belle Holister - Michael Phillips and Judith Pella, A Dog's Life, the Autobiography of a Stray - Ann M. Martin, The Sierra Jenson series - Robin Jones Gunn, The Quest for Truth series - Brock Eastman, The Passages series - Paul McCusker, The Aedyn Chronicles - Alister McGrath, The Door Within Trilogy - Bruce Wayne Batson and Young Masters - Jonathan De Foy.


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Sing4Jesus loves AIOWiki!

Sing4Jesus listens to
Adventures in Odyssey.

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Sing4Jesus subscribes to Focus on the Family Clubhouse.

Sing4Jesus puts Adventures in Odyssey on an iPod.

Sing4Jesus contributes using Firefox

Sing4Jesus collects Nancy Drew Books.

Sing4Jesus is a huge fan of the Novacom saga

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Sing4Jesus wishes they owned the Blackgaard Chronicles.

Sing4Jesus has listened to Album 5.

Sing4Jesus listens to the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast.

Thanks for reading my page! If you ever want to chat about music or Clubhouse or books or something feel free to leave a comment on my talk page. (And if you're reading this I'd love it if you signed your username below this line!) : ) -Sing4Jesus

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