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About Me

Dear friendly bio reader, Since you're reading this you probably don't know much about me. I'm currently 17 years old, have 3 little bothers, er, brothers (jk) and a little sister. We have 2 adorable dogs, Angie and Tasha and a bird named Olive Oil (from Popeye!). I am a big fan of Adventures in Odyssey, Doctor Who (classic and current), the Beverly Hillbillies, Little House on the Prairie, the Brady Bunch, and pretty much every old movie :) Except Leave it to Beaver. I mean, I like it... but each episode is basically the same plot. Oi. I also love acting, directing, writing scripts, and playing piano, violin, and guitar.

2017 edit: I am now 20 years old and I apologize for being so cringey yikes

My Odyssey life

I've been listening to Odyssey since I was seven, and I distinctly remember listening to my first episode. It was around Christmas, and my little brother Nathan was a newborn, so I had just turned 7 (my birthday is Dec. 21). The episode was "Back to Bethlehem". One of my current favourites :)

The only episodes I haven't heard are Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos, Bad Luck, and the last half of Curious, Isn't It?. All because I had to do school :/


I run the youtube channel "HugeAIOFan", where me and my sister Cindy act out AIO episodes. The biggest thing we've ever done is act out the whole first episode of "The Labyrinth" with about 10 other people.

Other Names

I'm AshleyWhittaker on ToO and Ashley on the SS msg boards.

AIO favourites

Fav episode: A Name, Not a Number, Part 1, A Name, Not a Number, Part 2, Groundhog Jay, (Groundhog Jay is my most-listened to episode, about 6-8 times in a row :D), and The Bible Network.

Fav characters: Jason Whittaker (<3 <3 <3), Connie Kendall, Jay Smouse, Jacques Henri, and Drill Sergeant Combs.

Fav writer: Paul McCusker

Non-AIO favourites

Fav bands/singers: Casting Crowns, Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Sia, Adele, Twenty One Pilots, and random Indie music.

Fav activities: Skating, playing music, acting, scrollin through Tumblr

Fav books: Any Sherlock book, canon or not. Except for Laurie R King's books. Sorry dear, but they're just too much.

Fav movies/TV shows: All Marvel Movies, Murdoch Mysteries, Sherlock, Doctor Who


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