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Information.png Grandpa Jefferson is one of 2,428 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Grandpa Jefferson
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Grandpa Jefferson lived on the Jefferson Farm. He was a dairy farmer until he sold his cows to pay for a trip to Alaska for Grandma Jefferson. He is known to fix everything with duct tape, including water pipes, the television, and his house foundation.

At the age of 8, he was given a pair of pruning shears from his father and became a farmer.

Back in high school, Grandpa Jefferson and three other guys (two of which were named George and "Three-Toed Charlie") were close friends, like brothers. On their last night together after graduating high school and before some of them headed off to college in other states, everyone put in some of their personal belongings into a box and buried it. They vowed that one day they would come together and dig it up, but this unfortunately never came to fruition. After George passed away, Grandpa Jefferson dug up the box to reminisce on past memories with Alex Jefferson. Eventually, Alex revealed that his grandma passed on an offer to sell the land and Grandpa Jefferson got upset and accidentally spoiled his intent to surprise his wife about the trip for Alaska.


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His son is Mr. Jefferson, and his grandson is Alex Jefferson. He has fourteen grandchildren. Aside from Alex, the grandchildren named in #476: “Relatively Annoying” are Ben, Steve, Loyd, Julie, Peter, Max, and Johnny. Grandpa Jefferson mentioned that he worked on his father's farm and got a pair of pruning shears from his father.

Grandpa Jefferson proposed to his wife by a gravel pit on his farm.


Alex Jefferson: Maybe we could go somewhere after dinner.
Grandpa Jefferson: Where?
Alex Jefferson: I don't know. Somewhere fun.
Grandma Jefferson: We could go to the Hospital.
Alex Jefferson: The hospital?
Grandpa Jefferson: Good idea. We could have our stomachs pumped.

#476: “Relatively Annoying”

Alex Jefferson: Do you fix everything with duct tape?
Grandpa Jefferson: Well, it's better than calling a plumber and letting them charge you an arm and a leg.

#476: “Relatively Annoying”

Grandpa Jefferson: You’re in my way, boy. Go on outside and play horseshoes.
Alex Jefferson: <narrating> I did as I was told, and “played horseshoes.” I threw the horseshoe, walked to the other stake, and threw it back, walked to the other stake, threw it again, and did this for about three hours. I could’ve gone longer, but I pulled a muscle in my arm, trying to heave it one hundred feet from one stake to the other. It hurt pretty bad, but Grandpa wrapped my arm in duct tape! And then it felt much … much worse.
Grandpa Jefferson: Go on outside and play horseshoes.

#476: “Relatively Annoying”

Grandpa Jefferson: Ugh! There's a toenail in my ketchup!

#476: “Relatively Annoying”


Grandpa Jefferson is voiced by Tom Williams, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 90%.