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Lisa Mulligan
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Together, the Mulligans have a farm with exotic animals which they rescued after the Connellsville Zoo closed. Lisa is very animal-friendly and a vegetarian. She is blind, but that doesn't get her down. She's a very gentle, welcoming person, though her cousin Nick challenged her greatly.

She was known as Lisa the Magnificent when she and Aubrey Shepard put on a "magic show", where they claimed she had mental telepathy. After Lisa got a guilty conscience for lying to people, the show was canceled and the friendship put on hold.


Main article: Mulligan family

Lisa is the daughter of Tracy and Mike Mulligan. Her cousin is Nick. Lisa's family has also adopted Janelle and Jessica, and Hector.


Nick Mulligan: Here, try some of this. I don't touch the stuff myself, but I hear it's good for emergencies.
Lisa Mulligan: (suspiciously) What is it?
Nick Mulligan: Water.

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: So do either of you two like animals?
Janelle Mulligan: It depends on how they are cooked.

#382: “Viva La Difference”

Lisa Mulligan: To be my brother you'd have to start out by being a member of the human race. Excuse me.
Nick Mulligan: Hey, hey! Is it something I said?

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Nick Mulligan: It's too dark out here. You can't see a thing.
Lisa Mulligan: I'm used to the dark, remember?

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: Where's the cougar?
Nick Mulligan: Ol' Sylvester split like a cheap pair of jeans.

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: Well, Jessica. You're right about one thing. It's true. I really am privileged. I have one major advantage over you.
Jessica Mulligan: Yeah, and what's that?
Lisa Mulligan: I'm blind. And blind people don't see color too well. Not even when it comes to somebody's skin.

#388: “Leap of Faith”

Lisa Mulligan: Hello, Nick. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Nick Mulligan: Of course it is.

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: My arms are too short to box with God.

#399: “Bernard and Job”


Lisa Mulligan is voiced by Nicole Myers, has appeared in 9 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 88.7%.

Lisa Mulligan has been mentioned in 1 episode.