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Lisa Mulligan
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Together, the Mulligans have a farm with exotic animals which they rescued after the Connellsville Zoo closed. Lisa is very animal friendly, thus, a vegetarian. She is blind, but that doesn't get her down. She's a very gentle, welcoming person, though her cousin Nick challenged her greatly.

She was known as Lisa the Magnificent when she and Aubrey Shepard put on a "magic show", where they claimed she had mental telepathy. After Lisa got a guilty conscience for lying to people, the show was canceled and the friendship put on hold.


See Mulligan family

Lisa is the daughter of Tracy and Mike Mulligan. Her cousin is Nick. Lisa's family has also adopted Janelle and Jessica, and Hector.


Nick Mulligan: Here, try some of this. I don't touch the stuff myself, but I hear it's good for emergencies.
Lisa Mulligan: (suspiciously) What is it?
Nick Mulligan: Water.

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: So do either of you two like animals?
Janelle Mulligan: It depends on how they are cooked.

#382: “Viva La Difference”

Lisa Mulligan: To be my brother you'd have to start out by being a member of the human race. Excuse me.
Nick Mulligan: Hey, hey! Is it something I said?

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Nick Mulligan: It's too dark out here. You can't see a thing.
Lisa Mulligan: I'm used to the dark, remember?

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: Where's the cougar?
Nick Mulligan: Ol' Sylvester split like a cheap pair of jeans.

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: Well, Jessica. You're right about one thing. It's true. I really am privileged. I have one major advantage over you.
Jessica Mulligan: Yeah, and what's that?
Lisa Mulligan: I'm blind. And blind people don't see color too well. Not even when it comes to somebody's skin.

#388: “Leap of Faith”

Lisa Mulligan: Hello, Nick. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Nick Mulligan: Of course it is.

#377: “Just Say Yes”

Lisa Mulligan: My arms are too short to box with God.

#399: “Bernard and Job”


Lisa Mulligan is voiced by Nicole Myers, has appeared in 9 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89%.

Lisa Mulligan has been mentioned in 1 episode.