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Traci Mulligan
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Dr. Traci Mulligan is a veterinarian who lives, with her many children (one biological and six 'foster') and husband on a farm/wild animal park somewhere outside of Odyssey.


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Her husband, Mike Mulligan and she have one child together: Lisa Mulligan, but have taken in six more, along with many animals. In order of appearance, the children are: Nick Mulligan, Janelle, Jessica, Hector, Tony and Brianna.


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Nick Mulligan: It's Jessica's collection. They're running all over the car.
Traci Mulligan: Running? What do you mean running?
Jessica Mulligan: It's my cockroach collection.

#411: “In All Things Give Thanks”

Traci Mulligan: Well, Winona, it looks like it's just you and me, girl. Oh sure, come on up. Oh, and pass the mashed potatoes, will you please. No, no—oh. Actually, I was hoping you'd pass them in the bowl. N-no, I'll get the gravy myself. No, really, but thanks.

#388: “Leap of Faith”


Traci Mulligan is voiced by Vaughn Taylor, has appeared in 6 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91%.