Bernard and Joseph, Part 1

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#130: “Bernard and Joseph, Part 1”
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Genesis 37

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Bernard and Joseph, Part 1

“Bernard and Joseph, Part 1” is episode #130 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on October 27, 1990.


Bernard tells Artie Powell, a boy with many siblings, the exciting life story of Joseph and his 11 brothers.



Artie Powell is not happy about coming from a large family. Having six kids around, he always feels he's merely one of the bunch. Artie loves his siblings, but sometimes they can be a real pain! Then Bernard Walton tells Artie a story about Joseph, a young man who had 11 brothers. Hearing about Joseph makes Artie realize that the trouble that he has with his brothers is nothing compared with the way Joseph's brothers treated him. Artie rethinks his ill feelings about his family, and Whit's End finds a new premier storyteller: Bernard Walton.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why did God bless Joseph so abundantly?
  2. Name some ways Joseph pleased God.





Artie Powell: He believed her?
Bernard Walton: Yeah, lock stock and barrel, and it made him furious. Which is never a good state for an executioner to be in.

Artie Powell: Girls: they get you every time.

Artie Powell: Was he my age?
Bernard Walton: Are you 17?
Artie Powell: No.
Bernard Walton: Then he wasn't your age!

Artie Powell: I still have one complaint, though.
Bernard Walton: What's that?
Artie Powell: I want my own toothbrush.
Bernard Walton: <chuckle> On that one, Artie, I don't blame you. Not one little bit.