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Artie Powell
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He is the seventh child of four brothers and two sisters. His brothers' names are Michael, Thomas, Phillip, and Harold, and his sisters' names are Jane and Kathy.


Artie Powell: He believed her?
Bernard Walton: Yeah, lock stock and barrel, and it made him furious. Which is never a good state for an executioner to be in.

#130: “Bernard and Joseph, Part 1”

Artie Powell: Hi, Mr. Walton!
Bernard Walton: Whah!
Artie Powell: That was neat, Mr. Walton. I've never seen someone jump straight up and into a bucket of water before!
Bernard Walton: Glad you liked it, Artie. Now will you help get this thing off my foot?

#131: “Bernard and Joseph, Part 2”

Artie Powell: Girls: they get you every time.

#130: “Bernard and Joseph, Part 1”

Artie Powell: Was he my age?
Bernard Walton: Are you 17?
Artie Powell: No.
Bernard Walton: Then he wasn't your age!

#130: “Bernard and Joseph, Part 1”

Jimmy Barclay: You'll never guess what's in this magazine.
Artie Powell: A cure for the chickenpox?
Jimmy Barclay: Will you forget about the chickenpox?!

#151: “...The Last Shall Be First”

Artie Powell: I still have one complaint, though.
Bernard Walton: What's that?
Artie Powell: I want my own toothbrush.
Bernard Walton: <chuckle> On that one, Artie, I don't blame you. Not one little bit.

#130: “Bernard and Joseph, Part 1”


Artie Powell is voiced by Kyle Fisk, has appeared in 7 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Artie Powell}}%.