A Test for Robyn

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#170: “A Test for Robyn”
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Psalm 51:17

17The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

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“A Test for Robyn” is episode #170 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on November 2, 1991.


Robyn Jacobs hasn't been studying for her tests and her grades are beginning to slip. In an effort to increase her marks, she tries to find a good way to study.


Robyn Jacobs is bored with studying and wants to play a game of Chinese checkers with Melanie. But Melanie refuses because she’s studying for an English test she has at the end of the week. Mel reminds her sister that Robyn also has a test, in history, at the end of the week. Robyn says that she’ll cram for it on Thursday night.

The next day, however, Robyn discovers that there is much more to the test than she thought. She asks Whit and Eugene for help on how to study. They offer several theories and tips, which Robyn unsuccessfully tries. Finally, the night before the test, she turns to her parents in desperation. After admonishing Robyn for procrastinating, they help her cram for the test.

The next morning, Melanie tests Robyn all the way to school. Robyn discovers, to her delight, that she actually does know the material. But that afternoon when Melanie asks Robyn how she did, Robyn says she went blank. After dinner that night, Robyn is distraught. When her mother tries to comfort her, Robyn reveals the real reason for her distress, she cheated. Her mother comforts her, and the next day they both go to the principal and Robyn is forgiven, and is even given a chance to retake the test. Robyn vows from now on to always study for tests in advance.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it a bad idea to put off studying until the last minute?
  2. Why didn’t Whit’s study methods work for Robyn?
  3. Have you ever gone blank on a test? How did you handle it?


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Jeremy Price Robyn Jacobs




Eugene Meltsner: Studying, there are few things I appreciate more than an evening burning the midnight oil. Pouring over text after text in search of things I haven't learned or mastered. Alas, such evenings are very rare now.
Melanie Jacobs: Because you're almost finished with college?
Eugene Meltsner: No. Because I know almost everything there is to know.
Melanie Jacobs: <under her breath> Oh, please.

Eugene Meltsner: You'll have to pardon my momentary lack of comprehension, but what in the world are you talking about?!

Eugene Meltsner: May I inquire to the source of your depression?
Melanie Jacobs: She just lost a hundred dollars.
Robyn Jacobs: Tell the whole world, Melanie!
Eugene Meltsner: You misplaced one hundred dollars? Then I would suggest an immediate search of the area and perhaps a call to the police.
Melanie Jacobs: She didn't lose the money out of her pocket; she just didn't win it...

Teacher: Robyn!
Robyn Jacobs: Uh huh?
Teacher: Why don't you remind us of what Manifest Destiny is?
Robyn Jacobs: Uh... It was when... The boat called the Manifest Destiny was sunk by... um... England and everybody got mad.