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#FP13: “A Simple Addition”
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April 13, 1987 ↓
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Family Portraits
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Romans 12:10

10Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

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A Simple Addition

“A Simple Addition” is episode #13 of the Family Portraits audio series. It was written by Susan McBride, and originally aired on April 13, 1987.


In an effort to get attention, young Nicky Rogers does whatever he can to get his parents to stop thinking about their soon-to-be-born child.


The Rogers household is about to add a new member, and Joe and Shelly are happy about the prospect of having a baby. But four-year-old Nicky is only excited about the prospect of getting some new boots. Joe promises Nicky they will go shopping, but before they can, Shelly goes into labor. They all rush to the hospital, and Shannon Rogers comes into the world. Everyone is excited, except Nicky. He'd rather have his boots. Nicky feels even worse when Joe and Shelly bring little Shannon home. Shannon gets Nicky's old baby bed and pacifier (thoroughly sanitized, of course), not to mention most of Joe and Shelly's attention. Nick feels rejected and seeks comfort from the only family member who will still listen to him: Jingle Bells, the dog.

A few hours later, Joe finds Nicky and talks with him about his responsibilities as a new big brother. Joe reassures Nicky that his parents still love him more than ever. Nicky feels better and even gets a little excited about being a big brother. But he still wants his boots. Just then, a package arrives for Nicky from his grandparents, who are missionaries in Brazil. Inside the package is a pair of boots. God knew all along.

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Relative Importance / Chronological
Role Actor
John Whittaker Hal Smith
Joe Rogers Unknown
Nicky Rogers Unknown
Shelly Rogers Unknown
Shannon Rogers Unknown
Relative Importance / Chronological
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Nicky Rogers Unknown
Joe Rogers Unknown
Shelly Rogers Unknown
John Whittaker Hal Smith
Shannon Rogers Unknown

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Tom Riley Joe Rogers




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