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The Imagination Station, Part 1

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#66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”
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The Imagination Station, Part 1
{{#vardefine:characters|11}}“The Imagination Station, Part 1” is episode #66 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Phil Lollar and Paul McCusker, and originally aired {{#var:airdatelink}}.


Digger Digwillow learns that the Bible isn't boring, by way of the Imagination Station, in the story of the crucifixion and Easter.



Tom visits Whit to talk to him about a student in Tom's Sunday school class - Digger Digwillow. Digger doesn't show any interest in learning about Scripture and thinks the Bible is boring. So Whit decides to work on an invention that may raise Digger's interest. When Digger visits, Whit introduces him to the Imagination Station. Whit explains that it's an invention which, through the imagination, helps people to experience the Bible and history.

Digger doesn't think it will work on him, but he climbs in, pushes the red button, and soars back to first-century Jerusalem. There, Digger lives through the last week of Jesus' earthly life - from the Triumphal Entry to the Last Supper, then to the trial, where he is told by a devastated John Mark that Jesus will be sentenced to death.

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Discussion Questions[edit]

  1. If Digger’s adventure were real, could he have stopped Jesus from being crucified?
    • Could anyone have stopped Jesus from being crucified?
    • Why or why not?
  2. What would you learn if you could be taken back in time to Jesus’ death and resurrection?
  3. Why is Jesus’ death and resurrection so important?


Role Voice Actor
Digger Digwillow Chad Reisser[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Digger Digwillow]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Digger Digwillow voiced by Chad Reisser]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Chad Reisser]]
Eubulus Will Ryan[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Eubulus]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Eubulus voiced by Will Ryan]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Will Ryan]]
Jesus Christ Dave Arnold[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Jesus Christ]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Jesus Christ voiced by Dave Arnold]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Dave Arnold]]
John Mark Nathan Carlson[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Mark]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Mark voiced by Nathan Carlson]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Nathan Carlson]]
John Whittaker Hal Smith[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker voiced by Hal Smith]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Hal Smith]]
Judas Iscariot Bob Luttrell[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Judas Iscariot]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Judas Iscariot voiced by Bob Luttrell]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Bob Luttrell]]
Mary Magdalene Maggie Malooly[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Mary Magdalene]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Mary Magdalene voiced by Maggie Malooly]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Maggie Malooly]]
Peter (Biblical) Will Ryan[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Peter (Biblical)]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Peter (Biblical) voiced by Will Ryan]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Will Ryan]]
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Tom Riley]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Tom Riley voiced by Walker Edmiston]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Walker Edmiston]]
Zephaniah Walker Edmiston[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Zephaniah]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Zephaniah voiced by Walker Edmiston]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Walker Edmiston]]
Uvulus Will Ryan[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Uvulus]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Uvulus voiced by Will Ryan]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Will Ryan]]


  • The Imagination Station marked the premiere of Whit's greatest invention. From the first airings, it quickly became one of the most popular episodes.
  • The Imagination Station wasn't used for awhile after this because of concerns that some children wouldn't understand that Digger Digwillow was not actually there, and wouldn't understand that it was 'historical fiction' and not history itself.
  • The name of the character John Mark reflects the theory that it was at the house of John Mark (the one who wrote the gospel of Mark and the one who accompanied Paul on his first missionary journey) that the Last Supper was held. Also note that much of the story comes predominantly from the gospel of Mark.
  • VERSION DIFFERENCE: There are two alternate versions of this episode which run in the broadcast cycle for AIO. One is the original version with Chris reading her Bible and the other has Chris in a clock shop presenting a special "encore" edition of the program. (The latter version is the one now regularly heard on the radio.)
  • These episodes were made into an AIO Activity Pack, Roll Away the Stone, Volume #11.
  • The name "Digger Digwillow" was inspired by the name "Digory" from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew.



Tom Riley: Every time I come in here you've got something new on display. What's this contraption you're working on now?
John Whittaker: Well I'm calling it the Imagination Station.

Digger Digwillow: Good grief, it's a Saturday traffic jam in the bible room.

Digger Digwillow: Excuse me lady.
Man: Mind your manners boy.
Digger Digwillow: Sorry mister I thought you were.. Never mind. What kind of place is this? Guys with long hair and robes? I saw something like this in Ben Her.

John Mark: I'm John Mark. Who're you?
Digger Digwillow: Digger, Digger Digwillow.
John Mark: Digger, Digger Digwilow. A strange name to match your strange clothing.

Digger Digwillow: I don't get this. Wait. Your master and his disciples?
John Mark: Surely you must know of him. Everyone in the land has heard of him.
Digger Digwillow: I-I'm not sure who you're talking about.
John Mark: Oh you must know. I'm talking about Jesus the Christ. Our Messiah.
Digger Digwillow: Jesus?

Digger Digwillow: This is a dream. This has got to be a dream.

Judas: I told you the one I kiss is the man. Only then should you arrest him.

Official: Are you Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ?
Jesus: I am.

Digger Digwillow: Oh yeah, the story of Jesus. He taught people and they killed him and stuff.