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Information.png Jessica Mulligan is one of 780 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Jessica and her sister were both physically abused by their father. As we learn in the episode Leap of Faith, they handle their hurt in different ways. Jessica is shy around men, which is why she finds it so hard talking to Nick Mulligan and Mike Mulligan. However, during a A Leap of Faith, a trip which sends her sweeping down the river. She has to trust Mike and Nick.


Jessica's sister is Janelle Mulligan. They were adopted by Mike Mulligan and Traci Mulligan, Janelle and Jessica have 3 other adopted siblings: Nick Mulligan, Lisa Mulligan, and Hector Mulligan. Toni and Brianna have stayed with the Mulligans but were never said to be adopted by them.


Jessica Mulligan is voiced by Myeisha Phillips, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 90.3%.

Jessica Mulligan has been mentioned in 1 episode.