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The Odyssey Time Capsule was first mentioned in #631: “A Capsule Comes to Town” in album 50. It was discovered by the Odyssey Historical Society after being in the ground for 100 years. It was originally buried in 1902 under the ground in the Municipal Park, which later became the land that Finneman’s Market now sits upon.


In 1942, after America joined World War II, some local citizens decided to build a bomb shelter in case the enemy attacked. So the Town’s Ladies Auxiliary dug trenches (put in sand bags and a shelter) in the Municipal Park, where the Time Capsule was originally buried.

But Charles Donigol], who was the mayor at the time, decided that the Time Capsule should be moved from the park and put somewhere else for safekeeping. The mayor chose to move it to the basement of the Fillmore Recreation Center, which later became Whit’s End. Sometime after the turn of the century the Time Capsule was rediscovered, excavated, and its contents put on display at City Hall in Odyssey. The same year the Time Capsule and dug up, it was replaced underground by a new Time Capsule behind city hall.


The Capsule is shaped like a bullet, with a door on the side. Obviously rather old, the Capsule required both the Mayor, Margaret Faye, and a member of the Odyssey Historical Society, Jack Allen, to wrench the door open. In a bit of dialogue that was removed from the the show, Eugene says of the capsule, "It's approximately five feet tall and three feet wide and, to use popular imagery, it is shaped like a bullet with a cone on top."


  • The first item discovered when the Time Capsule was opened was a plaque that read:
To the good people of Odyssey:

We humbly present these artifacts of our lives, representing a small sampling of the items that served us usefully in our daily lives; or brought us curiosity, enjoyment, and wonder. Let them be a witness of our time, and may you ultimately meditate upon how fleeting is this life, and how timeless is service rendered to god and the betterment of man. May this be a small reminder is the lessons of our lives and times, in the hope they will benefit yours. We wish you peace and prosperity. God bless the people of Odyssey in any generation.

  • A ladies’ gingham sunbonnet
  • An acme men’s shaving set, including a straight razor, leather shaving strap, shaving brush, mug, and 1 cake of shaving soap
  • A Heidelberg Alternating Current Electric Belt, for headaches, backaches, and wreak nerve pain.
  • 14 Carat Gold Railway Watch
  • An Antique Book Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Town of Odyssey
  • Toy passenger steam locomotive and train set, with Engine, Tender, and three passenger trains.
  • Colombia Grand Graph Phone
  • Edgemier Bango
  • A Special Edition of the Odyssey Times
    • including a hand drawn picture of Elmer McAlister, the son of Horace McAlister who was the founder of Odyssey. In the background of this picture, there is a house built by Horace McAlister in the year of 1794. The house still stands today in Washington family's back yard, and it is the oldest building in the state.
  • Parker Breech loading shotgun
  • An Encyclopedia called the The New American Quisition
  • A Bible with a name embossed on the cover

Contents For the New Time Capsule


  • The items that Eugene and Jack find in the Time Capsule (including a ladies’ gingham sunbonnet and a Heidelberg Alternating Current Belt) were from a 1901 Sears and Roebuck catalog that Paul McCusker used as a reference, (but sadly the the items were no longer available for purchase).