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The Best Small Town Contest is a competition sponsored by Home and Country Magazine to determine The Best Small Town in America.

Odyssey's Nomination

Odyssey was nominated in album 50 thanks to Connie's documentary on Odyssey's uniqueness.

The judges for the contest sent an undercover inspector (her name is Jill) to see whether or not Odyssey can move on to the finalist round in the contest. After careful consideration, the judges determined that Odyssey and a town named Sunshine Beach were the two towns to move on to the final round.


See #640: “Rights, Wrongs, and Winners”.

But, there was something that hindered Odyssey's ability to bring in the prize. Senior editor of Home and Country, Perry Browning revealed that Home and Country is published by Breathtaking Press. But, it's not the only thing they publish. Power Boy is also published by Breathtaking Press. That would not normally be a problem except that the writer of the Power Boy comics, Wooton Bassett, also lived in Odyssey. Knowing that this fact could change the way people look at the town, the judges gave Odyssey a choice: Wooton leaves and you're still in the race or you forfeit your chance to win the prize to let Wooton stay.