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Official Podcast 109
December 01, 2010
Kari Wahlgren tells the story of her surprise appearance in “Camp What-a-Nut” and her long journey to return after many years late in this weekend’s show “An Agreeable Nanny.”

blog comments powered by DisqusMonthly Poll

December 05, 2010
It's time for our monthly poll to be updated, this month we're asking "Which long time character from before the hiatus would you most like to return?". We had a huge response to our last poll asking "Of the two new families, which one is your favorite?" The Parker family won that poll with an amazing 71%.

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Official Podcast 110
December 15, 2010
Whit Hertford talks about Jay, the creation of a bully, and singing in “A Thankstaking Story.” Plus, we hear a preview of “Grandma’s Christmas Visit” and submit your nominations for the Avery Awards.

blog comments powered by DisqusAlbum 53 news

December 15, 2010
We have a few new tidbits on Album 53 today, just a reminder that this is all subject to change and none of this will be confirmed until spring when it's on the radio and in stores.
First it seems that the theme for the 12 part episode will be on "Recognizing deception". Also it seems that the album will included a behind-the-scenes video of the actors in the studio creating this unique collection. Lastly there's a slightly different summary for the album out now.

It all beings when a small plane crashes under strange circumstances outside town. The mystery deepens when a

backpack filled with money is found in the woods near Gower's Field, outside of Odyssey. What does all of this have to do with the Green Ring Conspiracy? Whit, Eugene, and Connie have to put together the clues before it's too late to stop a worldwide conspiracy!

Keep checking back to learn more about this epic album as we get closer to the spring 2011 release date.

blog comments powered by DisqusGrandma's Christmas Visit

December 18, 2010
The final episode of album 52 airs today you can listen online here. You can also check out the episode Schedule for February 2011. The weekend shows for January have also been updated, there won't be a recap of 51 and 52 anymore instead we'll be hearing some older shows from the 90's.

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Passages Repacks
December 20, 2010
The new covers for Draven's Defiance and Fendar's Legacy have been released today, you can see them on the books pages or to the right. They're currently scheduled to be released in Spring 2011. Focus on the Family produces content based on what sells well, so if these two books along with the other books and audio in the Passages series have good sales they may produce more.
While you're waiting for these two books to come out you can check out the The Imagination Station Series. There's currently 2 books out in the series with 2 coming out next spring and plans for at least 4 more after that. Focus is hoping that this series will be as long running as the audio series is, so if you like the books get them, it's the best way to ensure more are made. Currently the first two books are available here. You can also write to them and tell them your opinion of new products and your thoughts on what you'd like to see more of at:

Adventures in Odyssey
Colorado Springs, CO 80995

Or in Canada write to:

Box 9800
Vancouver, BC
V6B 4G3

blog comments powered by DisqusSeasonal Felicitations

December 25, 2010
AIOwiki would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

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Official Podcast 111
December 30, 2010
Jared and Dwayne take their favorite computer game Gloobers to the next level when they get a chance to play the game "for real" in the Room of Consequence.

blog comments powered by DisqusHappy New Year and Logo Contest

December 31, 2010
Adventures in Odyssey Wiki would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Today is also the last day to vote for our 2011 logo. If you have already voted, many thanks and check back soon in the coming days to see who won the logo contest.

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