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From September 7, 2010 to September 17, 2010 we held a draw to win a copy of Album 52 or the Novacom saga. Anyone could enter but the more questions you answered correctly the better your chance of winning.


  • Colleen Wright winner of Album 52
  • Dayton Haynes winner of Novacom Saga

A big thanks to Tyndale House Publishing for donating these prizes!


There were several bonus questions that you could answer to increase your odds of winning. Here are the correct answers:

Who's the Mayor of Odyssey in Album 52?
It's Spencer Hicks. You could have found this on the page List of Odyssey Mayors.
Who founded AIOWiki?
Shadowpaw. This answer could be found on the wiki page for AIOWiki.
Who's directed the most episodes?
It's currently Phil Lollar with 313. This question could be found on the Episode Directors page.
What's the 37th episode with Bernard Walton and Eugene Meltsner?
This answer could easily be found with Character Intersection. Try putting in both Eugene and Bernard, and the 37th episode should be #393: “Wrapped Around Your Finger”


Out of the 176 entires, 49 got all four bonus questions right, 37 got three, 26 got two, 30 got one right, and 34 didn't get any right, or didn't attempt.