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An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1

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#226: “An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1”
{{#vardefine:airdatelink|April 3, 1993}}
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John 11:1-12:11
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Count It All Joy
An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1
{{#vardefine:characters|08}}“An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1” is episode #226 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker, and originally aired {{#var:airdatelink}}.


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz wants to learn about cities in the Bible, so Whit sends her into Bethany and later joins her. The adventure becomes all the more incredible when the two witness a person being raised from the dead!


The Sunday school committee has asked Lucy to write a series of articles about towns and cities of the Bible. So Whit sends Lucy back to first century Bethany, a suburb of Jerusalem. Later, he joins her there, and the two of them experience an adventure full of intrigue. They see an attempted murder, the anointing of a king, the raising of a man from the dead, and, best of all, the sacrifice, forgiveness, and love of Christ.

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Discussion Questions[edit]

  1. Lucy thought it was okay to miss a few church services in order to write the Bible articles. Why was that wrong to do?
  2. Why were the rabbis and religious leaders of Lazarus’s time so afraid of Jesus?
  3. How would you have reacted if you were there when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead?


Role Voice Actor
Ishod Herb Ellis[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Ishod]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Ishod voiced by Herb Ellis]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Herb Ellis]]
Jeduthun Parley Baer[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Jeduthun]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Jeduthun voiced by Parley Baer]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Parley Baer]]
Jesus Christ Brian Cummings[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Jesus Christ]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Jesus Christ voiced by Brian Cummings]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Brian Cummings]]
John Whittaker Hal Smith[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker voiced by Hal Smith]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Hal Smith]]
Lazarus Matt Hurwitz[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Lazarus]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Lazarus voiced by Matt Hurwitz]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Matt Hurwitz]]
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz Genni Long[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Lucy Cunningham-Schultz]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Lucy Cunningham-Schultz voiced by Genni Long]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Genni Long]]
Martha Lucille Bliss[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Martha (b)]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Martha (b) voiced by Lucille Bliss]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Lucille Bliss]]
Mary Pamela Hayden[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Mary (c)]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Mary (c) voiced by Pamela Hayden]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Pamela Hayden]]
Thomas Unknown[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Thomas (a)]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Thomas (a) voiced by Unknown]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Unknown]]


  • “An Adventure in Bethany” was the first time Whit went into the Imagination Station to experience history.
  • These episodes were made into an AIO Activity Pack, Lazarus, Come Forth!, Volume 3.
  • In "It Is Well", Lucy says, "We sing mostly praise songs in my church," making it clear that she and Mr. Whittaker do not attend the same church. However, here, Whit notices that Lucy was not at church and approaches her about it.


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