The Sword of the Spirit

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The Sword of the Spirit

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In 1881, Peter McAlister discovered an ancient battle sword in a European castle and brought it back to his home town of Odyssey. When his children were older, he created a "Gauntlet of Virtues" to test their character and lead them to the secret treasure.

But the night before Peter presented his gift, he died. The McAlister children were never told about the gauntlet so the secret location of the Sword of the Spirit remained an unsolved mystery, until now.

Embark on a mysterious adventure playing the role of Whit, Connie and Eugene in a chase through abandoned mine-shafts and secret passageways in search of the Sword of the Spirit. However, before you uncover the secret hiding place of the sword you must first pass the Gauntlet of Virtues - nine tests of character such as honesty, kindness and love.

It's a fast paced flight through dark tunnels, where every passage holds another key to the Sword's real power, and where virtue itself is in the balance.


Characters Actors
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger

Special Features

  • Auto-leveling FunWare™ engine-automatically adjusts the level of difficulty during game play.
  • Cluefinder Magnifying Glass indicates player's progress.
  • Action Prompts allow player to decide which character to follow.
  • Entertaining animation brings your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters to life.
  • Bonus pack includes "No Way Out" audio episodes and more!


Part of the Computer Games Collector's Series