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Action Figures


Now your kids can actually shake Whit's hand, pat Sherman's head, and lead Eugene and Dylan anywhere they want to go! These movable Adventures in Odyssey Action Figures offer your kids (ages 4 and up) a whole new dimension of fun and spiritual learning---because now they can act out the stories themselves! Includes suggestions for parent/child play activities. -- From CBD

Box Description

Welcome to Odyssey, a wonderful world of invention, action adventure and home to some of the nicest people your children will ever meet. Unlike many others on the market, these action figures help reinforce positive values, Biblical principles, and personal qualities such as honesty and integrity; things you as a parent can feel good about! Collect all four "Adventures in Odyssey" action figures! Whit, Eugene and Dylan have movable shoulders, elbows hips and knees. Sherman has movable shoulders and hips.