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The Rat’s first appearance is when he gives information to General Darien about what Baron Orkzy is really up to. The Baron had offered Darien and his men money to be his personal bodyguards. The Rat revealed to Darien that the Baron really wanted him to safely deliver some cannon parts from Adria to Monrovia, where the parts would be assembled and then sold to the Palatians. The Rat’s second appearance comes when Kyle was tired of the world in Marus. Kyle had been doing school in Marus because Darien made him do it. Kyle wanted to go back to his own world, but didn’t know how because the Old Judge, the only one who could tell him how to go back, was dead. The Rat suggested to Kyle that he go to a woman named Anastasia who, according to the Rat, could tell Kyle how to get home. What Kyle didn’t know is that Anastasia was actually a witch.


He is a conniving informant who’s loyalty is only to himself; he’ll tell anyone anything in return for money. He looks like a rat, appropriately enough. He has a pointed nose, small teeth, and whiskers that spread out from his face like fur. He even held his hands in front of him like a rat when it’s on his hind legs, looking for food. He would rather stand, as opposed to sit down, because he gets fidgety sitting down. When he nods, his head jerks up and down quickly. When he talks, his nose twitches. When he smiles his lips turn into a giant ‘’U’’. He also sniffs, for no apparent reason, and his eyes flicker.


Rat is voiced by Jack Angel, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 89%.


Darien’s Rise (book)