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Baron Orkzy
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A double-dealing mercenary, Baron Orkzy offered to give Darien's forces a safe city in exchange for them becoming his "personal army." Darien accepted the agreement and the baron turned a blind eye to the sabotage that Darien's men performed on his clients (the Monrovians). With his connections to the Adrians, he helped the Marutians understand their plight when they were captured at Lizah.


He is a tall, obese man with flamboyant gestures and rich garments. The Baron, who could not have been in any circumstance, was a big, ostentatious man dressed in a large cloak laced with orange fur. He had a thick, heavy brow that kept his eyes in constant shadow and round, wobbly jowls that shook when he laughed. His mannerisms, even before he spoke, included flamboyant gestures with his hands and an affected accent that no nation would want as its own. Most noticeable was his size. He stood up to receive them, and Anna guessed he was at least six-foot-five. His two guards, who were also tall, looked like dwarves next to their boss.

Biblical parallel

Possibly King Achish of Gath.

Related characters

Proposed a business arrangement with Darien and co.


Baron Orkzy is voiced by Kenneth Mars, has appeared in 2 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Baron Orkzy}}%.


Darien’s Rise (book)