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Samantha McKay
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A young, sweet girl, Samantha McKay first appeared in A Lamb's Tale. She often serves as her older brother Grady's conscience, and unintentionally forces him to think things out.


Sam has one sibling: Grady. Her parents are Carson and Kristi McKay.


Until her father returned in The Highest Stakes, she constantly showed that she missed him. Sam is devoted to her family in the way that only a little girl can be. The world to her is simple, and she doesn't quite understand why people keep complicating things.


Wooton Bassett: No one has ever beaten my record of thirty-one slides in fifteen minutes!
Samantha McKay: Really?
Wooton Bassett: Of course, nobody else has sprayed cooking oil on their pants either.

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

Grady McKay: What time is it?
Samantha McKay: Three'o'clock.
Grady McKay: That's weird.
Samantha McKay: What?
Grady McKay: The phone rang at the exact same time yesterday.

#590: “Three O'Clock Call”

Waitress: And for you, ma'am?
Samantha McKay: Uh, a Maxi Deluxe cheeseburger with extra cheese, and cheesy fries, and a milk, please!
Grady McKay: Why don't they just bring out the whole cow, Sam?
Carson McKay: You know what? That sounds good! Bring me a cow, too!

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”


Samantha McKay is voiced by Mary Mouser, has appeared in 9 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91.3%.

Samantha McKay has been mentioned in 4 episodes.