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The Get in the Show! contest was in 2012. It was held to find a new voice for Album 57: A Call to Something More in the episode #735: “Life Expectancy, Part 2”.

For the 2017 Get in the Show! Contest see Get in the Show! 2017 Contest.


Thousands of video auditions came in from all across America. Auditions were throughout the summer of 2012. In the fall the sound designers from AIO narrowed down the amount of auditions from thousands to twelve. The final twelve auditions were voted on by visitors on


Sampler and Theme Song

AIO released the Get in the Show! (sampler album), and Get in the Show! (Theme song) during the contest.


The final three auditions were from Shona Kennedy, Annaliese Wilford, and Anya Cardwell. They were to read a script live on stage at the FOTF Headquarters, viewed by hundreds of people inside, and through the live stream online worldwide, on November 3rd. Viewers online were able to vote during the live show. Shona Kennedy won the Get in the Show! Contest.


After the contest in December the AIO crew recorded an episode with Shona. Shona has also been on the cover of April 2013 Clubhouse Magazine, and she announced the summer 2013 A.C.T.S.! Contest, A Call to Serve.