Anya Cardwell

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Anya Cardwell
Anya Cardwell at the Get in the Show finals
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Anya Cardwell was one of the 3 Get in the Show contest finalists, along with Shona Kennedy, the winner of the 'Get in the Show' contest, age 12, from Crestline, CA, and Annaliese Wilford, age 14, from Millersville, MD.


The farthest place that Anya has been is Texas. Her favorite season is autumn. She enjoys reading. Anya's favorite Adventures in Odyssey character is Connie. Her favorite Odyssey episodes are #574: “Prisoners of Fear, Part 1” and #581: “A Christmas Conundrum”. Anya's hobbies including acting, swimming, and modern dance. Her favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 and King David is her favorite Bible character.


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