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Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)

Hey all! Some of you might have seen Moviemanev making edits and uploading photos recently. This is Evan David, content producer (I believe) for AIO! This is the first time in my memory when a member of the AIO team has been directly involved with the wiki.

I’ve been considering how to regard Evan’s edits here on the wiki. Because he’s on the team, and since he’s been creating canon (or not, depending on how the “old guard” decides) with his social media posts, he could have the potential to create canon directly with an AIOWiki edit. This would give him a privilege that no other user has, although he would still be bound by the general guidelines for users and non-sysops.

I see two alternatives for Evan’s edits:

  1. Prohibit canon creation through AIOWiki. Details and new images must have already been released on social media, the official site, or other public means.
  2. Regard the content of any constructive edit by Evan as canon. Canon would be expanded to include direct additions made by Evan or the final edit by Evan of those additions, along with the final version of any file uploaded by him. This would not canonize entire pages in which he makes one edit but rather just the text added by his edit. Evan can only remove from the canon what he has added; striking edits made by other users is not sufficient to remove their subjects from canon.


Aiow (talkcontribs)

I think the first option is the better and safer route. I welcome expanded canon aio content. However I do not think we should be counting contributions on the wiki as creating canon. Official AIO should come from an official source. Opening up canon/world creation to essentially any wiki editor could or will cause problems. We do not want to host user created content as official. User created content is great, but not the focus of this wiki. We are here (as far as I understand it) to document everything created by the AIO team. Which gets back to the original question. I see the main problem being precedence. Even in this very unusual situation I do not think we can open up the door to calling user created materials official.

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