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So tell your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors … about the AIOWiki Podcast.

This is the AIOWiki page for the official AIOWiki Podcast! This page is updated with behind-the-scenes info about each edition. For more general information about the podcast, see here: The AIOWiki Podcast.


On January 4th, 2017, AIOWiki user Scientific Guy (aka "Lee") put “An AIOWiki podcast...” on his list of projects, the result of several months of considering the possibility of one. Although AIOWiki is one of the most popular AIO fansites, it didn't have a podcast. There was only one AIO-related podcast still running: Audio Theatre Central. The original intent of the AIOWiki Podcast was a "news" feature that kept listeners informed of the latest edits on the wiki, although it later changed to include more discussions and interviews.

To even see if a podcast was something wiki users would enjoy, a poll was made with the question, “Scientific Guy is thinking about making an AIOWiki podcast. On a scale of 1 – 10, what do you think?” The second-highest vote was “11,” with “What?!?” (below “1” at the bottom) receiving a plurality of 44% percent. With that “vote of confidence,” Scientific Guy created the AIOWiki Podcast.

Reddo, the owner/developer of AIOWiki, approved the official continuation of the podcast on July 3, 2018.


Podcast #0

When the AIOWiki Podcast was being developed, Lee decided that the first podcast would be a test of sorts; thus the number 0 was used. Arista (Riley) Maxwell was enlisted to be the co-host for the podcast. The first podcast was completely scripted, going over Album 63, the recently released Club episode schedule, the Get in the Show! contest, and the cruise to the Bahamas. An original draft for the script did not include the titles for some of the Album 63 episodes. The lines were recorded and edited, along with Club music, an intro featuring pieced-together lines from the Official Podcast and its outtakes, and a closing segment with the soundtrack from "A Forgiving Heart."

Podcast #1

This podcast featured the first segments without music, during which Lee and Arista read the Get in the Show! scripts. The podcast was intended to be something to do while waiting for news to surface, and was supposed to be released before the submission deadline. Unfortunately, due to delays in editing, it was released on June 25, nine days after the deadline. To make up for it, the next podcast was released sooner than expected.

Podcast #2

This is the shortest podcast, at 5:17. Having such a short podcast was the original intent of the AIOWiki Podcast, but it wasn't working as best as it could have. A change of format was needed.

On another note, this podcast was the first to feature the catchphrase, "So tell your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors about the AIOWiki Podcast."

Podcast #3

Podcast #3 would have been the shortest podcast, at about three minutes, if it were not for the segments that were included. In the original version, a full plot summary of "Find a Penny, Parts 1 and 2" was included, read by Arista and Lee. It was included due to Album 63 being (accidentally) fully released on July 13 instead of week-after-week. However, Podcast #3 was released 9 days after the legitimate release of "Find a Penny, Part 2," so the summary did not serve its intended purpose. Afterwards was the AIOWiki Podcast's first episode review. The plot summary added 10 minutes and 40 seconds of content to the podcast.

Podcast #4

Again, a feature of the podcast was not working. Longer than even the longest Odyssey episode, "In My Image," Podcast 4 is the longest AIOWiki Podcast, clocking at 48:21. The version without plot summaries is 16 minutes and 15 seconds shorter. Additionally, "Crash Course" was reviewed before "Have a Heart" or "B-TV: Revenge" as a failed effort to make the plot summary released before the episode itself. It wasn't. The decision was made to cancel the plot summaries for the two yet-to-be-reviewed episodes of Album 63.

Again, like Podcast #2, this podcast demonstrated something new: Arista was put slightly to the left in stereo and Lee was slightly to the right.

Podcast #5

The reviews for Album 63 were finished, with "Friend or Foe" getting the highest rating. It was announced that Nathan Hoobler and Sam Suksiri would appear on the next podcast.

Podcast #6

The interview with Nathan and Sam lasted about 50 minutes, so "part I" of the interview was featured in this podcast. This podcast did not feature a normal ending: the music faded out without the usual catchphrase being said, instead replaced by "To hear the rest of the interview, you know the drill: keep listening."

Podcast #7

Since Podcast #0, the first one, the numbering system had not made complete sense, but Podcast #7 fixed that. While Podcast #6 was "the seventh," Podcast #7 was also called "seventh," so that the numbering system would be fixed. The podcast simply faded into the intro music, but included a normal ending. At the end, Lee said, "This new info is totally under the radar," which was a nudge for the Odyssey ScoopCast to release its teased interview with Nathan Hoobler.

Podcast #8

Podcast #8 has a plot summary of the 30th Birthday Live Show, as Lee was presumably the only one from the Odyssey fan community in attendance, thus making it a plot summary that actually worked. This podcast had two references to general developments, along with a third that was introduced with the release Podcast #8. First, Audio Theatre Central featured a clip of Lee reading the credits in episode #102 (although referred to as #101 in AIOWiki Podcast #8). Second, at the end, Lee mentions "another interview," referring to an upcoming (yet-to-be-released) conversation with Grayson Smith. Finally, the RSS feed for the Podcast was created two days after the Podcast #8's release, allowing listeners to subscribe to it.

Podcast #9

This podcast was the review for "Your Honest Opinion, Please."

Podcast #10

The Boredom Buster Podcast was a podcast with 9 editions. AIOWiki Podcast #10 put the Podcast one step ahead of all the other podcasts that eventually died out.

Podcast #11

Podcast #11 is different in that it has two April Fool's jokes in it: an introduction announcing the demise of the podcast and a negative fake review of "Sir Buddy's Snowy Day," followed by a genuine, unanimous 5-out-of-5 review of that episode.

Podcast #12

Podcast #12 went through several revisions before the final form was decided. At first it was going to be a regular podcast, with news and reviews. But, in the meantime, Lee created AIO Audio News, a website which drew much more attention than did the AIOWiki Podcast, and which became what the Podcast was supposed to be all along: a medium for news. With the announcement of the nominations for the 2018 Avery Awards, Podcast #12 became Lee and Arista's choosing of their winners. …And then the Podcast was changed again, since the Avery Awards discussion would reveal the ratings for "David and Absalom" and "Out of the Picture." The podcast was released without news segments, however.