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2 New Products process Standardization Page tutorial/doc needed?

OdysseyFan (talkcontribs)
  • update book images template
  • upload images with template and create categories
  • create new album/book pages and categories
  • update episode pages with link album
  • New Product announcement Pages (from home page)
  • Update Future Releases page
  • update current releases page/home page (purge/edit/save as needed)
  • Update Books Navbox
  • Update "Prev" page from "Last Book to date" to new page link
  • update Special Albums navbox
  • update IS book series Main Page

~ let me know if I missed something.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

I uploaded File:The-fruits-of-the-spirit-front.jpg, made the album page, added the album to the episodes, edited the next/prev album, the two nav boxes, and made the categories (let me know if I missed something). Don't know if you want the new product on the front page when it is still so far out.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

Yes I agree we need a guide on how to add new album, and new books. There are a lot of steps. Probably Help:New release would be a good name for it.

Htm14 (talkcontribs)

It would be also nice to establish what is considered to be canonical with AIO (e.g., the books and other sources outside of the AIO official website).

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)
Aiow (talkcontribs)

@OdysseyFan and @Scientific Guy both of you stop, hold on and take a step back. We can't be getting mad at each other. If this site is going to continue we all need to work together; and that will never happen if we are at each other. OdysseyFan I do think you over reacted there when you deleted the page. I totaly understand not wanting to chase down stray ends, and it would be much simpler if the whole process gets done at once. However that is not always going to happen, for many reasons: the wiki being broken, a user simply not knowing about a step, not able, or simply does not want to do X. In any case I do not think we should be deleting (given the information is correct) steps because the whole task was not done. For example a new book release has 8 steps (not counting the news announcement) if 5 of them gets done should we sill delete and revert them because all 8 were not finished? No that sounds ridiculous. If would take more work to revert those 5 changes, than it would to finish the other 3 steps. Now just keep backing up that example till you are at one step done. If we would not remove a change for X steps done, then why would we for only 1 step done.

While your analogy "if you only drive 2 miles of a 3 mile trip you still aren't there" is true, here on the wiki no single user is the only driver.

I have started working on the Help:New release page. I now see that having everything documented it is more important than we currently value it. I'm sure once published it will help alleviate this kind of problem. Then we can simply point users to the process, and if or when something is not done accordingly we can message them and instruct them on what should of been done.

Now, because we do not have really anything documented, it is up to whoever finds it to do something. That leaves the process open (like this case) to big misunderstandings. One person thought making one page was fine, another thought that the whole process should be complete.

In New release I have outlined a process for documenting a partially completed job. Ideally that will be a happy median and solve both sides of this issue. We will have the progress tracked so no hunting down stray ends, and users will not be forced to do the whole 9 yards.

Aiow (talkcontribs)

Well I worked on the New release page and the new Template:checklist for 11 hours. I sure hope it helps. Tomorrow later today I will work more on the checklist template. I originally envisioned it categorizing the pages so it will be super easy for us to see if something is left to be done. That categorizing is what I'll work on.

I do have some questions about why the current releases / archived releases are not working properly any more. @Scientific Guy could you take a look at that? (if I remember correctly you built the auto system to archive the releases) There are many from Oct that should not still be showing up in the current releases, in fact on their respective pages (News:New Releases/Album 69: Best Kept Secrets for example) there is no Category:Current New Releases category yet they are showing up in that category.

Scientific Guy (talkcontribs)

You’re right, David. Sorry, OdysseyFan, I was coming off too hot towards you. I’ll set myself a reminder to check out this thread at a later time.